02 December 2015

Scotland / Ireland UK Fireball Meteor 29NOV2015 w/ video

Scotland / Ireland, UK Fireball Meteor 2021 Local 29NOV2015 w/ video
 This Fireball event was detected also by MBIQ very shortly after the event but I failed to get it posted; later three reports. Possible meteorites, but perhaps unlikely!? -LunarMeteoriteHunter, Tokyo

Fireball just outside Kirriemuir, Scotland.
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Fireball over Westmuir in Angus caught on dashcam.

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

29NOV2015 stewart roden winchburgh scotland 20-35 pm 5-10 seconds n to south white at front tapering at the rear white at the front no traveling very fast light went out before it hit the ground

29NOV2015 Frances Murray Draperstown, Co Derry, N.I. 2020 Approx 10 seconds West travelling east Bright ball with long fiery tail stretching out at rear, crossing very quickly across the sky. Bright as the sun, orange coloured fiery tail No Just streaked across the sky in front of us as we drove home. Lasted about 10?seconds, then disappeared.

29NOV2015 Patrick McKenny 1km east of Smithborough, Co Monaghan, Ireland 20.15 2secs before burned out, bit seemed to break off shortly before burned out. Travelling east, almost parallel to Smithborough Monaghan Road. Quite high in sky, 50 degrees above horizontal. Trajectory seemed very flat, as if would move a long way east before hitting earth. Started redish, then burned quite white, then blue/green Almost Sun bright to look at, but did not light area. Yes, seemed that 1 fragment broke off just before burned out. Burned out well before trail finished. Heading east, possily slightly south, in direction of Dundalk. Was not a meteorite/shooing star, more like large rock meteor.

News Reports-
Fireball spotted in skies above Armagh
BBC News
A fireball was seen in the sky above Armagh on Sunday evening. ... A fireball is a fragment of an asteroid or comet which emits a light as it burns up in ...

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AngA said...

I saw the same - posted on FB at the time that I'd seen something through the window in Dunning, Perthshire at the same time as the Kirrimuir footage. 5-10 seconds of slow moving bright light effervescent green tail with blue too. Just disappeared.