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23 November 2015

VA OH Fireball Meteor 23NOV2015

VA OH Fireball Meteor  Apprx. 1810 EST 23NOV2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23NOV2015 Natasha and Dakota Meadow view, VA USA 18:16 EST 4 seconds 340 degrees North. Right to left. Green and Orange BRIGHT Yes, it almost looked like a firework/shooting star None

23NOV2015 James Dunning Ashburn, Virginia USA 18:11 Eastern Standard Time 2+ seconds Facing West / Vertical White Between Venus and Sun Distinct trail 15 to 20° long Slow, dropping meteor

23NOV2015 Kayla Bolling Pound, VA USA 18:08  est 7-8 facing north, started to the NE and fell to the horizon bright green brighter than most stars, not as bright as the moon not that I could tell very beautiful sight

23NOV2015 JEAN ADAMS FAIRBORN, OHIO 1800 EST 3 seconds SE, traveled down and to the east yellow-white, inside car so no sound heard sun yes. broke into bits in a trail my boyfriend saw it in Xenia, Ohio at the same time

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