09 November 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 09NOV2015

Christie's Deep Impact Auction - Darryl Pitt  writes, " Christie's auction house is currently conducting their second on-line meteorite sale.As would be expected, there is certainly some outstanding high-end material available—and there are 17 lots priced at $3000 or less. It's a solid offering, and it ends this Tuesday morning (November 10th) EST (UTC/GMT -5)."  View the Auction

ALERT: Exploding Fireballs Reported All Over the Globe / Eyes On the Skies
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Czech Republic Bolide Fireball Meteor 05NOV2015 w/ Video

Czech Republic Bolide Fireball Meteor Sporadic 05NOV2015 w/ Video

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Massive fireball sighted over Ireland
The Clare Herald
Hundreds of reports of a massive fireball streaking across the skies over Ireland on Sunday night have been posted on social media. Fireballs are ...

People are freaking out over this bright light that appeared in the sky over the west coast
Business Insider
... USS Kentucky fired an unarmed Lockheed Martin Trident II missile. Local news outlets first suggested the light may have been the result of a meteor ...

Taurid Meteor Shower may be visible in Colorado
FOX31 Denver
“We are in the second half of a meteor shower called the Taurid Meteor Shower,” explained Denver Museum of Nature and Science educator Naomi ...

Mysterious light spotted over California, social media explodes
Others believe it was a meteor. As the Taurid Meteor Shower reaches its peak, cosmic fireballs — extremely bright meteors — will sometimes light up ..

Spaceweather.com Realtime Image Gallery
Friend Called and told me to step outside and this is what I saw. Anyone else see this tonight over Central California tonight? (Im in Merced )I called ...

Mystery light over ocean was missile test
By Pauline Repard - San Diego Tribune- November 7, 2015
A mysterious light that streaked across San Diego's night sky Saturday, visible as far away as Nevada and Arizona, was a Trident missile test-fired by the Navy....

Bright light in the sky explained
Thaddeus LaCoursiere, of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, said it's a part of the Taurid meteor shower named after the ...

Strange streak in sky sparks speculation
The Durango Herald
A strange streak of light across the sky Saturday night erupted a flurry of speculation on a local Durango social media site, with theories of a meteor ...

Mystery light freaks out Southern California residents
Fireball meteor caught on camera. mysterious light ... Meteor or UFO? Fireball lights up ... Possible meteor lights up the night sky. UFO in florida ...

Missle/meteor over soCal crazy light 11/7/15
Missle/meteor over soCal crazy light 11/7/15. Omar Bolanos ... Vision of Meteor/Missile, Food/Water Poisoning & Rapture!!! - Duration: 15:01. by ...

What was up with that weird light in the sky?
Christian Science Monitor
Assumed to be either a UFO to a multicolored meteor, viewers from Los Angeles to Phoenix were left scratching their heads after a weird light lit up the ...

BEST Compilation! UFO, Meteor, Rocket over California
Ufo seen off of the coast of California. Could be a meteor, rocket or secret military aircraft.

Mysterious light blazes across California sky, sparking confusion, excitement and fears of alien ...
Washington Post
A mysterious light that rocketed across the Southern California sky on Saturday night, sparking fears of nuclear war, an incoming meteor and an alien ...

Jose Ildefonso
November 9 at 9:19am
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WT1190F: El objeto que entrará en forma de meteoro cerca del viernes 13 » Sociedad de Astronomía...
Un objeto que orbita la Tierra en una órbita sumamente elíptica u ovalada estaría interceptando a la...

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