02 November 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 02NOV2015

Ontario, Maine, Massachusetts - Canada/USA Fireball Meteor01NOV2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Please report your meteor sightings to this website for posting- Remember IF you are looking for a report and no one reports then everyone lacks ...

Halloween fireball 31 October 22:28:54 UT
UK Meteor Observation Network
Halloween evening is usually time for witches and ghosts to appear on our cameras but this time we caught something more interesting. A sporadic ...

First detection of molecular oxygen at a comet
European Space Agency- 28 October 2015
ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has made the first in situ detection of oxygen molecules outgassing from a comet, a surprising observation that suggests they were incorporated into the comet during its formation. ...

Watch for Taurid fireballs this week
The South and North Taurid meteor showers aren't known for their large numbers of meteors, but they are known for having a high percentage of ...

Cosmic Prediction For November Includes 3 Meteor Showers, Planetary Gatherings
International Business Times
According to the International Meteor Organization, the Leonid meteor shower will peak on Nov. 17-18 wherein 20 shooting stars per hour can be ...

NASA scientists predict annual Taurid meteor shower is about to put on once-in-a-decade event
NYC Today
According to a prediction by NASA scientists, the annual Taurid meteor shower will put on once-in-a-decade event, called the Taurid meteor swarm ...

Possible Meteorite/Meteor?
Cloudy Nights
Just about an hour ago almost exactly, at 5:10pm local EST just on the border of MA and NH, I saw what I believe may have been a meteor. It was not ...

Get Ready For the Taurid Meteor Showers!
Farmers' Almanac
During the month of November we will be treated to 3 meteor showers, including the northern and southern Taurids. Learn more!

meteorite #meteor #dashboard #Poland 31.10.2015
Watch Łukasz Rzepka's Vine "#meteorite #meteor #dashboard #Poland 31.10.2015" taken on 1 November 2015. It has 1 likes. Vine is the best way to ...

Meteor bolide 31 10 2015
Video for Meteor bolide 31 10 2015▷ Meteor Nowy Sącz 31-10-2015 - Meteor Bolide falling over Poland 31.10.2015 compilation / meteoryt bolid .

Bright Fireball over Poland
American Meteor Society
The American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Association received over 60 reports so far about a fireball event over the Eastern Poland ...

Bright Fireball over Poland
International Meteor Organization
The International Meteor Association received over 69 reports so far about a fireball event over the Eastern Poland on Saturday, October 31st 2015 ...

Meteor Falls Over Gdansk
Spadający Meteor Nad Gdańskiem, 31 października 2015 MeteorFalls Over Gdansk, Poland Meteor Przewrócić Gdańsk 31/10/2015 Meteor ...

Meteor - Bolid Gdańsk Polska Poland 31.10.2015
Meteor - Bolid Gdańsk Polska Poland 31.10.2015. Paweł Luntek.

A Meteor Falls Near Prague, Czech Republic (VIDEO)
A Meteor Falls Near Prague, Czech Republic (VIDEO). By conspiracyclub -. Nov 1, 2015. ...

Meteoryt na wybrzeżu
15.02.2013 Meteor smoke in Russia! ... Perseid meteor shower 2013 / Perseidy rój meteorów 2013 OBSERWACJE - Duration: 1:06. by Lens of Soul ...

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