12 November 2015

Siberia, Russia Bolide Meteor Leaves Many Stunned with Awe 11NOV2015 w/ Real Video?

Chita,  Zabaykal'skiy Kray, Siberia, Russia
Bolide Meteor Leaves Many Stunned With Awe 2147 Local 11NOV2015
Breaking Story updates pendingRussia MeteorRats start investigating!

Real? video just posted thank you to Zabgeo  Thank you Sir!
(VIDEO posted by RT/Levitan now proven faked/recycled of Thailand Bolide 02NOV2015)

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Если у вас есть фото или видео на этом мероприятии, пожалуйста, email- LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com

A kind viewer from Chita, Siberia has sent me a real video? of the event!
Flash from Meteor Lights Surroundings
Video labeled GREENHILLHOUSE- odd name for Russian Label?
c2015 Zabgeo

To PLAY video click 2X on start arrow.
Chita Russia 11 NOV 20015 - Real video? of this meteor event!?
Copyright 2015 All Right Reserved - Zabgeo  Thank you Sir!

Update! COMMENT and Analysis of the RT posted video-
There have been a spate of recycled videos and now, 30 mins after this post, it has been confirmed that the video posted below IS NOT of the reported Siberian event! The video is a cropped version of the Thailand 02NOV2015 event; thus a "faked" recycled video; sorry readers. It is unknown at this time if the event was of any extraordinary size... - LunarMeteoriteHunter, Japan
An expert with a very good eye, Jarmo Moilanen, has just commented:
The video shown is a cropped copy from this 02NOV2015 Bangkok fireball video shown on Russian tv: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfON0TOLPjA

c2015 Jango Fixit
Thailand Bolide 02NOV2015
from which "faked/recycled" Siberian video was made

Chita, Siberia, Russia Bolide Meteor 11NOV2015
VIDEO now proven faked/recycled
c2015 Levitan / YouTube

Метеорит в чите 12.11.2015
VIDEO now proven faked/recycled
Posted to YouTube by LEVITAN VIDEO 212 views
Published on Nov 11, 2015
Text c2015 Levitan / YouTube
Residents of Chita reported unusual bright green flare lit up the sky around midnight on November 11th. Witnesses wrote to the social networks that the phenomenon could be seen over the northern neighborhoods

"The flash of bright green color will appear for a few moments and abruptly disappeared. It was like the fall of any object ", - he wrote one of the witnesses.

According chitintsev, it seems that the sky is falling rapidly unknown object, leaving a tail of bright light. About unusual celestial phenomena also told residents and Tin Nerchinsk.

As the portal zabmedia.ru, in the Chita Hydrometeorological weather at the time of the outbreak was normal. The press service of BBO journalists commented that there are currently no exercises in the Trans-Baikal region is not carried out.

A similar object in the sky was observed on October 31 residents of Kaliningrad.
Russian Press Reports-

Triple green meteor lights up Siberian skies near Chita (VIDEO now proven faked/recycled)
Published time: 12 Nov, 2015 06:25 Edited time: 12 Nov, 2015 07:06
RT writes, "A huge fireball has been spotted in the skies over the Russian city of Chita near the border with China. An unidentified flying object, most probably a meteorite, made three extra bright flashes before burning out, according to eyewitness accounts." more-

Residents of the Trans-Baikal Territory noticed in the sky bright green meteor, says pressNewsRu.com
Google translated from Russian- A huge ball of light seen the night before the city Chita locals. Dozens of people watched the sky over the Trans-Baikal regional center at about 22:00 local time (17:00 Moscow time) series of flashes lit up bright green color. He writes about the amazing phenomenon of local press. According to media reports, most likely, it is a meteor that produced some bright flashes before disappearing. The web video even appeared spectacular flight of the car, however, was soon followed by the exposure: a fake movie turned out. ...citation to The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News!
Жители Забайкальского края заметили в небе ярко-зеленый метеор, утверждает пресса
Огромный светящийся шар заметили накануне вечером над городом Читой местные жители. Десятки человек наблюдали, как небо над краевым центром Забайкалья около 22:00 по местному времени (17:00 по Москве) озарила серия вспышек ярко-зеленого цвета. Об удивительном явлении пишет местная пресса. По мнению СМИ, скорее всего, речь идет о метеоре, который произвел несколько ярких вспышек перед тем, как исчезнуть. В Сети даже появилось видео эффектного пролета болида, однако вскоре последовало разоблачение: ролик оказался фейком.http://www.newsru.com/russia/12nov2015/chita.html

Russian reader Константин Пашкульский has also commented  "Siberia, Russia Bolide Meteor Leaves Many Stunned ...":

2015 The SECOND Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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