06 November 2015

California Fireball Meteor 05NOV2015

California Fireball Meteor 1900 PST 05NOV2015

Check your security cameras!

Please report your meteor sightings to this website for posting- Remember IF you are looking for a report and no one reports then everyone lacks information; thank you.
If you have a video or photo of this event please email- LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com

Initial Meteor Reports-
05NOV2015 Sergei Ilchenko Lake Forest, Ca 19.00/PacificTime 3-4sec east to south white bright as moon no n/a

05NOV2015 Dymesha Glasper Los Angeles, CA 1900 PST 4 sec East White bright like moon couldnt tell as it shot down it seemingly disappeared or it's light went out
05NOV2015 Pam Santa Monica, CA 1900 PST maybe 10 seconds East going West Very very bright white with a pretty long tail that glowed green as it passed through clouds. Like a fire ball cutting through the sky. Moon brightness maybe No Saw this on my bike ride home from work. Pretty cool and startling to see in the hear of a big city where stars are hard to see as it is!

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