15 May 2015

Chile Bolide Meteor 11MAY2015 w/ video

Osorno, Chile Bolide Meteor Approx 2338 Local 11MAY2015 w/ video

Image Credit- Chilevisión CHV

Caída de supuesto meteorito alertó a habitantes de Puerto Montt y Osorno
Posted on YouTube by  Chilevisión CHV 368 views
Published on May 12, 2015
  Commotion has caused the emergence of a video showing a strange light in the sky south. Apparently, it would be a meteorite but so far there is no confirmation.
  The fact occurred after 10 hours and saw, in the cities of Puerto Montt and Osorno. Other photos of this phenomenon appeared in social networks during this time.---

Meteor Sighting Report-
11MAY2015 agustin lopez osorno, chile 23:38 pm 3 sec E Right to Left blue moon yes, ocean pacific Thank you Agustin Lopez for your report and link!

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