02 May 2015

QC ONT, Canada / Northeastern USA Meteor Approx. 2130 EDT 01MAY2015

QC ONT, Canada / NJ NY NH PA RI VT ME MA MD , USA  Meteor Approx. 2130 EDT 01MAY2015
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MBIQ Data indicates seen - MA NJ NY MD PA RI CT VT ME, USA / ONT QC NB Meteor 01MAY2015
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QC ONT, Canada / NJ NY NH PA RI VT ME MA MD, USA  Meteor Approx. 2130 EDT 01MAY2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
01MAY2015 Martine Faubert Ste-Adèle, Québec, Canada 21:35:00 3 seconds East to south Green Venus  No Sorry, nothing else

01MAY2015 Tina lemieux Howick,Quebec 21:30:00 5 Right of the moon. Went left to right. Bright ball, blue tail Brighter then the full moon Tail looked like it was burning off .

01MAY2015 Bobtronique St-Eustache (Qc), CANADA 21h30 5 - 10 sec S-W, Left to right, Was looking S-E Green More than Venus, suddenly appears then stop and re-appeared then broke Fragmentation occurred, We estimate is falling around Valleyfield (Qc) CANADA, South-West of Montreal No sound. From St-Eustache, the meteor was visible at an angle of 30 deg from the horizon. length of the trail was comparable to: 7 hands aligned.

01MAY2015 Martin Eley Ottawa, Canada 9:30 PM approx 1.5-2 from S-E to South, low in the sky Appeared white comparable to a bright star but with finite size rather than a point. none noticed none

01MAY2015 Robert Terrasse-Vaudreuil, Qc Aprox 21:30 edt 2 à 3 sec Trajectoire NE vers SW Blanc brillant et jaune Très brillant (10x Vénus) Non Forme allongée environ 10 fois plus brillant que Vénus

01MAY2015 Beverly Brossard, Quebec, Canada 21:30:00 5? Left to right Bright yellow/white ball Bright but not like the sun Don't know. No

01MAY2015 Ken Thorneycroft Lachine, Quebec, Canada 21:29 EST 5 to 6 seconds. (lost sight behind a building so it must have been longer.) East to West (Very steep angle.) White with blue hue. Half as bright as a full moon. No. Object seemed very solid even after penetrating a distant cloud. Probably survived to the ground.) Estimate that it would have made impact south of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Brightest one I have seen in 15 years.

01MAY2015 Adam Wantage NJ 9:30:00 5-7 seconds South to north Bright white with blueish greenish tail Same as the sun Yes The brightest largest I have ever seen. It seemed as if the meteor was right over our head. I was actually waiting to here a loud boom! I never did though. Lasted longer than any other meteor I had ever seen in the past as well.

01MAY2015 Matt & Becky Narragansett, RI, USA 21:30 EST 5+ Seconds Facing North, Meteor moved Right to Left in a NW direction. Blueish White, with long orange trail. As Bright as Venus, but twice as large to the eye. No Fragmentation. Lost sight at tree line... Best we've ever seen.

01MAY2015 Luz Temple, PA 21:30 edt pm 3-4 sec Right to left Green and yellow Bright as sun Yes I was driving and saw this bright light that looked like a plane falling from sky

01MAY2015 colleen Califon, NJ 21:30:00 not sure, maybe 8 sec United States bluish green very bright yes, i think so looked very close to earth

01MAY2015 Debi Bass Bridgewater, New Jersey USA 21:30 Eastern Time 3 seconds East to West at steep angle Appeared yellow-white sun No seemed like a fireball with a very short tail

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Grimy Reaper said...

Laval,Qc, I saw it perfectly, Big green blue and white colored meteorite heading west right over Montreal... It must have crashed on the west shore for sure.. I lost eye contact when it was about ground level !!!

Anonymous said...

I live in ft Walton beach, Fl. Saw it last night around 10 traveling NW, huge with blue and white tail. Biggest thing in the sky ive ever seen moving that fast.

Anonymous said...

FWB, Fl. Was outside around 10 last night, saw it traveling NW, I was facing east so to me it was moving left. It was huge, moving very fast with a very bright blue and white tail.