03 August 2014

GA NC TN AL KY SC VA MS Meteor 02AUG2014 - Breaking News

Breaking News- GA NC TN AL KY SC VA MS Meteor Approx 2320 EDT // 2220 CDT 02AUG2014
8 STATES!  FEMA Regions IV and III.
45 Reports!
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GA NC TN AL KY SC VA MS Meteor Approx 2320 EDT // 2220 CDT  02AUG2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
02AUG2014 Gerri Davis Marshall, NC 23:23' EST Saw two segments as it crossed behind a landmass, each about a 2/3 second Fell to the east of my location, appeared to travel toward northeast Very large teal-green colored meteor with red-orange trail. Slightly brighter than the moon None visible It was too fast to document unfortunately.

02AUG2014 James Phillips Flintstone GA USA 11:20 EST PM 4 sec Started N to SW Right to left , facing west Blue/silver with flames bright as fireworks long flaming tail Heard a boom approximately 4 minutes later-it was the coolest thing I have seen.

02AUG2014 Rodney Barron cumming Ga USA 11:19 PM eastern std time. 3 sec North to south Bright white By far the closest and largest I have ever seen. Yes long stream of white behind it No photos - too quick. But felt like it was 1-2 miles away, not like most that seem hundreds of miles. Didn't hear any explosion but it fell behind the tree line as I viewed from the back porch and was still bright when it went behind trees. I thought for sure I would hear a big boom. 

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Martin B26 said...

Memphis, Tn. 10:20 PM August 2nd 2014. Saw the meteor passing from North to Southwest. I was on the east side of the path. Huge fireball and the tail was larger than I have ever seen before. Literally could see the trash burning off of it. Very Very bright. Simply amazing.