17 August 2014

California Meteor Approx 20"00 PDT 17AUG2014

California Meteor Approx 20"00 PDT 17AUG2014
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California Meteor Approx 20"00 PDT 17AUG2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
17AUG2014 David Maggard Glendale, CA 8:20:00 3 sec West direct west. West to north bound interstate 5 fwy Whitish trail which dissipated quickly White color bright as Venus Pill owing vapor No

17AUG2014 Robert Long Beach, California, United States PDT, 8:02 pm 2 seconds Western sky, right to left, downard around 50 degree angle head appeared white, tail orange, no sound probably brighter than Venus none observed best guess of bearing 280

17AUG2014 Martin Gaskell for Scott Peden Santa Cruz, California, USa 20:05:00 less than 1 second From (158.5, 23.5) to (162.0, 16.7) (Az-alt) very white mag -14 no Coordinates of start and stop derived from photograph of nearby trees. Start and stop accurate to about +/- 2 degrees

17AUG2014 Gena Barton Placerville, CA, USA 19:55 PDT Very short 1 -3 seconds East in the Sky, moving North to South, I was facing the East Bright light caught my eye, the light narrowed and dissapeared as it moved towards the horizon The sky was still light from recent sunset, the meteor was about as bright as the moon Bright ball tailing off I wonder who elese saw it?

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