29 August 2014

California Meteor 28AUG2014

California Meteor Approx 2220 PDT 28AUG2014
California Meteor Approx 2220 PDT 28AUG2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
28AUG2014 Greg Nelson Modesto, CA USA 22:45 PDT 3-5 seconds N-S Left to Right Facing East Purple/Yellow Brighter than the moon Yes Saw it looking eastward towards the Sierra Nevada mountains

28AUG2014 Kevin Ramsaur Irvine,CA USA 22:35:00 1 North Green, blue, white As bright as a firework No idea The most amazing thing I've ever seen.

28AUG2014 RazorLine28 Antioch, Ca 22:24:00 3 Seconds S-W Blue Edge Moon No It Was Like Razor 

28AUG2014 Hwhite Lake Tulloch, CA USA 10:15pm/PST 3 secs N-S left to right. Was facing east Green meteor Bright green No fizzled out N/a

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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