19 August 2014

BC, Canada Fireball Meteor/s 18AUG2014

BC, Canada Fireball Meteor/s Approx. 22"10 Pacific18AUG2014
33 Meteor Sighting Reports - see below.
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BC, Canada Fireball Meteor/s Approx. 22"10 Pacific 18AUG2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
18AUG2014 ivan comox bc canada 22:45:00 1-2 seconds, and another 15 minutes after facing north travelled diagonally right down left no sound very bright neon green very bright like a flare no I wish I had a video, that was the craziest thing I've seen

18AUG2014 steve course vancouver,BC 22:30 i think 3-5 secs S-N bright white / blue and then orange / fire full moon it appeared to burn up as it went orange at end of 3 secs appeared to be low as there was light clouds and it was under them

18AUG2014 Leslie Bell Bowser BC 22:20pm apx 15 sec? right to left Large bright green ball with a long tail that turned red but I didnt hear any sound very bright not sure Largest I've ever seen (and I'm 45)

18AUG2014 Donny Burnaby, British Columbia 22:15:00 3-4 seconds S-N Green streak turning white then burning up into a white flash, this seemed VERY close to us. booming noise 30 seconds after Very bright, it lit up the street and trees around us Yes it seemed like pieces were falling off no

18AUG2014 derrik shanahan north vancouver b c canada 22 15 pm pacific time 2 or 3 sec s e to n w white fire ball brighter than moon apx 5 parts light up the sky then observed the fireball breaking up

18AUG2014 Christopher Les Maple Ridge B.C Canada 22:13:00 5 secs North East Bright yellow, orange and red followed by a large boom Sun Couldn't see No

18AUG2014 Justin Abbotsford BC Canada 22:10PM 40 sec South-North I was facing north orange green then blue no sound long though bright as moon. no not that I could see it was quite a sight very bright and colorful

18AUG2014 Monica Hoffmann NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, Canada 22:10:00 viewed for 2 sec before lost behind trees S-N large, white fireball with tail as bright as car lights directed at me large attached tail very close to earth, viewed just above the trees heading in a north direction

18AUG2014 Wendy Harris Nanaimo, BC, Canada approx. 22:10 2 to 3 seconds observed Northeast Bluish green full moon No Not right now but can provide

18AUG2014 Charles Lamoureux Vancouver BC Canada 2210 3-4 seconds S-NW right to left if facing north Turquoise green and huge!! Lit up all of Vancouver in green sun Large flash and disappeared but had initial small fragments around it entering the atmosphere , very emerald green, fantastic and almost size of my fist Was stargazing and just missed recording it on film...darn!!

18AUG2014 Elycia Hardy North Saanich, BC, Canada 21:40:00 3-5 seconds N-S Blue/green colour with faint tail, no sound As bright as the moon No It was very bright and huge!
18AUG2014 Clinton Pope Surrey, B.C. Canada 20:15 PST I saw 5 seconds just before it landed 2 blocks from me Travelling NW. I was driving East Bright white/Green with crackling sound Like an exploding firework assuming so as several sightings throughout Vancouver Amazing observation, I should have turned to where it landed or looked for it. Residential area though

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