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13 November 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 13NOV2013

NASA Continues Workshop to Discuss Asteroid Initiative Ideas
NASA has rescheduled its Asteroid Synthesis Workshop, a public forum to
examine and synthesize 96 of the ideas submitted to a Request for Information
(RFI) about the agency's asteroid initiative. The workshop will be held Nov.
20 - 22 at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston ...
Natural History Museum (United Kingdom) -11 November 2013
False-coloured scanning electron microscope image showing organic material
in meteorite debris. New research shows that organic molecules, on which life is based, can survive the impact from a meteorite. ...

Tracking cameras aim to unlock meteorite mysteries
By Eloise Fuss- Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)- Nov 12, 2013
"The ones that people normally call shooting stars are often really really
small, just sand grains that come into our atmosphere," explains Professor
Phil Bland. "The bigger things that you see, the bright fireballs are
from chunks of rock, those are meteorites." ...

Martian moon samples will have bits of Mars
Kevin Stacey- Brown University- November 11, 2013
A Russian mission to the Martian moon Phobos, launching in 2020, would
return samples from Phobos that contain bits and pieces of Mars itself.
A new study calculates how much Martian material is on the surface of
Phobos and how deep it is likely to go. ...

International Meteor Conference (IMC) 2014
Each year the International Meteor Organization organizes a four-day
conference where about 100 meteor enthusiasts from around the world
attend lectures and share their experience. Since the founding of the
International Meteor Organization, the International Meteor Conferences
(IMCs) have guaranteed the vital personal contacts between its members.
The 2014 International Meteor Conference will take place in Giron,
France, 18-21 September 2014. ...

Leonids meteor shower to peak November 16-17, 2013 -
The Leonids meteor shower will peak this year, 2013, in the late hours of Saturday, November 16th and the early morning of Sunday, November 17th. Ten...

Comet Lovejoy Visits November Skies To Accompany the Leonid ...
The recently discovered Comet Lovejoy has been captured in stunning time-lapse video taken from the Paranal Observatory in Chile as it blazed a trail across ...

Everything you need to know: Leonid meteor shower 2013 ...
The famous Leonid meteor shower is nearing its annual peak. Here's all you need to know to watch the 2013 Leonid shower.

Meteor Radar Observations Near the Auroral Oval — University of ...
The Radio and Space Plasma Physics group has a meteor radar deployed at the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory in Lapland, Finland to measure winds ...

Interview with Peter Jenniskens about Chelyabinsk meteor | SETI ...
An interview with SETI Institute Meteor Astronomer Peter Jenniskens by Katie Yates about the recent publication of his paper in Science magazine on the effects ...

Russian meteor shows 20,000,000 space rocks threaten Earth
SpaceDaily - 12 hours
File image. by Staff Writers Moscow (Voice of Russia) Nov 11, 2013 The meteor that shocked Russia in February when it exploded in the skies ...

The Next New Meteor Shower
Sky & Telescope
Most meteor showers, like this week's Leonids, occur when Earth plows into the debris ... That's why the number of major meteor showers per year has remained ...

5 reports - American Meteor Society - Member Area - AMS Event
AMS received 5 reports about a fireball seen over OR on November 11th 2013 around 05:11 (UTC)

The Next New Meteor Shower - Homepage Observing ...
Astronomers confirm that debris from Comet 209P/LINEAR should create a sky show on May 24, 2014 — but it looks less likely that a “storm” is in the works.

Giant Moon-Forming Impact On Early Earth May Have Spawned Magma Ocean
by Katia Moskvitch- November 8, 2013
LONDON - Billions of years ago, the Earth's atmosphere was opaque and
the planet's surface was a vast magma ocean devoid of life.
This scenario, says Stanford University professor of geophysics Norman
Sleep ...

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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