08 November 2013

CA Meteor 07NOV2013

CA Meteor 2225 PST 07NOV2013

IF you are looking for the 06NOV2013 CA AZ NV UT Meteor event-

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CA Meteor 2225 PST 07NOV2013
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CA Meteor 2225 PST 07NOV2013
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If you witnessed a meteor event PLEASE file a meteor sighting report to help us confirm and improve our detection; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
07NOV2013 janet richmond ca 22:40:00 5sec north white a little red moon no no

07NOV2013 Kari SAN JOSE, CA, USA 10:25PM PST 4-5 sec NE I was facing North Bright white streak perpendicular and the streak flashed red then stopped at a bright green glow (green did not streak) Same as the sun steady streak I was facing North on Hwy 87 and it fell 1 o'clock from the hwy. very exciting! city skylight of San Jose was West and south of the fall.

07NOV2013 allie sacramento, california, us Pacific, 10:00 pm 2 seconds southwest heading over trees left to right. I was facing west. reddish moon I don't know I was caught off guard and it was too fast

07NOV2013 Sina Iman Menlo Park, CA, USA ~2200 ~3 Facing West Quite green, no sound About as bright as a full moon No Very surreal because we were looking right at the right place in the sky. Looked pretty huge and looked like it was falling into the Earth

07NOV2013 Tom and barbie lodi california 924 pm 10 seconds SW left to right but kind of wiggly Green bright light like a huge fireball old probably was in firs me and ny boyfriend

07NOV2013 Wendy Wyckoff Santa Cruz, California 9:24 PM PST 2 sec NW White ball Moon No None

battlefieldbarbie wrote,
Just saw a huge green fireball here in lodi California me and my boyfriend both saw it outside was unbelievable

All Meteor Sighting Reports Can Be Seen HERE-http://thelatestworldwidemeteorreports.blogspot.com/

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Kathryn DeNardo said...

I live in Kenosha Wisconsin and at about 12:30 ish I saw a big yellow ball of light falling from the sky vertically and fast. What was that?