28 November 2013

Breaking News- Washington, Alberta, British Columbia Fireball Meteor 27NOV2013

Breaking News-
MBIQ Detects- Washington, Alberta, British Columbia Fireball Meteor 27NOV2013
WA AB BC Fireball Meteor 27NOV2013 updates pending

WA AB BC Fireball 27NOV2013
seen from Vancouver Island, BC. Canada
drawing by Dennis BomBom c2013
This appears at this time to have been a very large event based upon the MBIQ Bot Data Set that was Sampled in minutes after the event. I will have the data available posted soon once I have time; thank you. - LunarMeteoriteHunter...Tokyo
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Please check your All Sky captures and security cameras as well;  thank you! If photos or videos were captured please kindly email to  LunarMeteorHunter@google.com

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
I just saw a meteor. I'm in Victoria on Vancouver island, BC. Canada. Looking out the window at around 9.55 pm. Looking north. The meteor lasted for like 1-2 sec only but it was like a shooting star times 50 or something. Amazing sight.. I wanted to know if you've heard anything of it from others?
Hope to hear from you. Br. Dennis Skou  Thank you Dennis!

27NOV2013 Richard Adrian Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2200 mtn std pm 2 second directly overhead South to North whitish blue brighter than venus no no sound

27NOV2013 Shellsea Merrick Yelm,WA,USA 22:01:00 2 secs NW/Right to Left Blue/Green Flame No Never seen this before

27NOV2013 Randi West Vancouver, BC, Canada 21:55PST 3 second NW White object went across sky, left a white trail for 2 seconds birghter than moon no n/a

27NOV2013 Andrew M Vancouver 2130pacific 2 seconds Canada white moon none heading north from the Vancouver area

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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Pat Wheele said...

I saw one at 6:33am this morning in Carleton Place, ON, Canada. Super cool and unexpected to see!

Baby de la Parra said...

I witnessed the meteor on 27-NOV-2013 at approx 9:55pm. Facing North towards Grouse Mountain. Looked like a bright green flash and trailed for 2 seconds and died out. Renata from East Van

obba678 said...

hi i was lying in bed around 8pm and a fireball fell from the sky in nova scotia canada never seemn anything like it amazing

east van dave said...

I also saw the bright green-white flash while I was looking north towards Grouse Mountain at approximately 9:54 pm on November 27/13.

Shelbe Seay said...

Saw it in nevada usa at about 6pm going south to north