17 October 2013

UK Meteor/s 16OCT2013

UK Meteor/s 16OCT2013
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UK Meteor/s 16OCT2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
16OCT2013 Tony Wilson Buckingham, UK 21:35-21:40 BST about 4 sec Seen above a house, almost vertical downwards. about 10deg of vertical to the left. Facing NW. bright white moon no none

16OCT2013 Miles Barriball-Saw Bodmin, Cornwall, UK 2039 Z 6 sec Vertical, We faced East Bright white moon none N50 28.0' W004 39.0'

16OCT2013 N/a Brighton,East Sussex,uk 18:00:00 5 mins Not sure Orange with tails Very bright N/a Saw 2 close together then two trailing behind heading south

16OCT2013 Samantha King Bromley, KENT, UK 18:15 GMT 30 seconds United Kingdom Orange/Red Very Bright none - did have a long tail Seemed to be traveling quite fast began to fade from view some 25 seconds after I first saw it

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