07 October 2013

UK Fireball Meteor 06OCT2013

UK Fireball Meteor approx. 21:55 GMT 06OCT2013
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UK Fireball Meteor approx. 21:55 GMT 06OCT2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
06OCT2013 Amy Naylor Saplding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom 21:51:00 2 on a downward trajectory east Bright white with yellow tinge bright as the moon as it disapperared sparks came from tail of object I saw it out my living room window it was very bright and caught my attention

06OCT2013 Samantha Rolfe and Christopher Aikman St Albans, Herts, England 21:55 GMT 3 - 5 (sec) Direction: N-S; Facing: East Green followed by white/yellow trail ~Moon Not that we saw. Single object. Disappeared behind a building, but think it was fading out. Travelled about half of the sky.

06OCT2013 Mark Newton. Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England, UK. 21:55 BST (GMT+1). 4 seconds. Facing East (71 degrees) north to south. No sound. main body bright white with yellow tinge then white before becoming white with blue leading edge. Bright as full moon. Sparking tail before Fragmented breakup. Lucky to be looking in the direction, fantastic sight.

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