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21 October 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 21OCT2013

Asteroid DNA: Chelyabinsk fireball left fascinating traces
Asteroid DNA: Chelyabinsk fireball left ... your average incoming asteroid or comet fragment ... what experts call a meteor: wrong. A true ...

Orionid meteor shower this week: See if you can catch a ...
Looking for something to do tonight? Why not see if you can spot a fireball? The Orionid meteor shower will peak today and Monday. If you can ...

October meteor shower 2013: Orionid peak time tonight: best view in ...
The Orionid meteor shower will be peaking tonight and will continue on until Monday morning. The fireballs will be peaking around 2 a.m. t 5 a.m. for on Monday, ...

Orionids Meteor Shower Tonight: Shower Peaks on Oct. 20
The Epoch Times
The Orionids Meteor Shower peaks tonight, Oct. 20, and is also expected to have a ... The peakmeteor count is about 20 meteors per hour, in moonless skies.

Stargazers get ready for two meteor showers
Times of India
AHMEDABAD: October and November will be a treat for astronomy aficionados in the city. While twometeor showers are scheduled this week and ...

Orionid Meteor Shower Scheduled for Predawn Hours of October ...
The Orionid meteor shower arrives this month, October. The celestial spectacle is so named because the shower radiates from the region of the sky that is north

Orionids Meteor Shower 2013 Watch Live Streaming Online
The Orionids Meteor Shower 2013 will have it's peak on October 20-21, 2013 and can be seen Live Streaming Online for via Slooh for the 2013 Annual Orionids ...

Orionid Meteor Shower - YouTube
Join Slooh's Broadcast Team for a meteor watch all night long. This year is not great for ...

China: NASA mistakenly banned Chinese researchers from conference
CNN - 9 hours
Sorry, no Chinese researchers allowed! Oh wait, seems like that was a misunderstanding. Please do come.

Russian Scientists Report Asteroid Near-Miss
Russian Information Agency Novosti - 18 hours
A 15-meter (approximately 50 feet) asteroid, similar to the one that exploded above Russia in February, was detected hours before it nearly ...

Latest Curiosity feat: confirmation that Mars sent meteorite
Science. Latest Curiosity feat: confirmation that Mars sent meteorite group to Earth That's the conclusion of a research team studying ...

Defending the Earth from Asteroids (Webcast)
Space Ref (press release)
... as evidenced by the explosion over Chelyabinsk, Russia, this past February of a meteor no bigger than a large truck, which injured more than 1,000 people.

Meteor shower to peak between October 21 and 22
MANILA -- Prepare your mats, telescopes -- and wish list -- as our skies will be graced by a meteorshower, peaking during the evenings of October 21 to 22.

Orionid meteor shower this week: See if you can catch a fireball
Los Angeles Times
If you can stay up past midnight, or get up before dawn, you may be treated to one of the super-bright "fireball" meteors for which the annual shower is known.

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