12 October 2013

Newfoundland, Canada Fireball Meteor 11OCT2013

Newfoundland, Canada Fireball Meteor 11OCT2013

If you witnessed a meteor event PLEASE file a meteor sighting report to help us confirm and improve our detection; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
11OCT2013 Sean wiltondale, newfoundland,canada 19:00/ nst,pm 1-2 sec s-e green ball orange tail almost sun no very large

11OCT2013 Heather Vineham Botwood Harbour. Peterview, Newfoundland, Canada 18:15:00 3-5 sec Traveling NE. To the right of me. Facing back to it Orange ball with blue flame Moon No. Burned out fast, left visible trail for 5-7 mins

11OCT2013 Angela Corner Brook Newfoundland between 1830-1900 pm 1-2 secs n-s orangish / green sun no looked huge even from such a distance away

All Meteor Sighting Reports Can Be Seen HERE-

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