15 October 2013

MD NY MA DC VA NJ PA OH Fireball Meteor 14OCT2013

MD NY MA DC VA NJ PA OH Fireball Meteor 20:25 EST 14OCT2013
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MD NY MA DC VA NJ PA OH Fireball Meteor 20:25 EST 14OCT2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
14OCT2013 Shaun Laurel, MD, USA 2030 EST 5 sec ENE, Right to Left Red to blue/white moon/plane headlight Yes, with tail/fragments Reminded me of shuttle re-entry disaster in terms of tail breakup characteristics

14OCT2013 Barbara DeSantis Orchard Park, NY 20:25 est 2 sec E-W white w/green moon no fragments fireball

14OCT2013 Thomas Paynter United States 20:25:00 about 10sec Was driving north on Rt17 saw it come from east going west Was like a greenish tint in the trail/tail started to break up into pieces as it got closer to ground light sun/shooting star Yes No pictures was driving and happened quickly..

14OCT2013 Erica Paynter Gloucester, MA 20:25 EST 3 (From what I saw) No noise; Facing north, traveling from northeast to northwest Looked like a piece of firework with a greenish background brighter than venus Yes, it seemed as if it was falling apart Wish I got a picture!

14OCT2013 Bob Ellis Washington, DC 20:25 EST 2 sec East White tail, reddish at head Moon Don't know None

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