24 October 2013

MBIQ Detects Colorado Fireball Meteor 23OCT2013

Breaking News- MBIQ Detects Colorado Fireball Meteor 23OCT2013
- Likely Produced Meteorites!
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CO Fireball Meteor approx  21:20/Mountain 23OCT2013
Mead, CO - Yuma, CO
Line A-B start and end points
v.3 c2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
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According to Chris Peterson the meteor became visible above Mead, CO and ended over Yuma, Co.

Dr. Chris Peterson writes,
This meteor was caught on two of our network cameras. Preliminary
information is at http://www.cloudbait.com/science/fireball20131023.html
Chris L Peterson
Cloudbait Observatory

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports- 
23OCT2013 Joe Bellvue,CO, USA 2128pm 10 seconds N-W/S-E Very large and very white Bright moo. No No

23OCT2013 Rocky Idaho Springs, CO Mountain time 21:25 5 W-E facing E No sound, white slight red following Bright as welding arc No fragmentation Minimal to no trail following and abrupt disappearance

23OCT2013 Spencer Stirling Thornton, CO USA 21:20/Mountain 10 W-E orange and blue sparks less than moon, but brighter than any planet fragments and disintegration (sparks) seemed to be slow/long duration

23OCT2013 Wynn Miller Colorado Springs CO usa 9:24 mt 2 W-E Gold white Moon No Low on horizon

23OCT2013 Jude Roehm Indian Hills, CO, USA 2118/MDT 4 Left to Right. North White to pale orange full moon two small fragments falling off at end of 4 seconds low on northern horizon, size and brightness of full moon

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