14 October 2013

Germany Fireball Meteor 13OCT2013

Germany Fireball Meteor  21:40 MEST 13OCT2013

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
13OCT2013 Jan-Peter Braxator Esslingen (Stuttgart), Germany 21:40:00 about 1 second NNW - SSW white / no noise brighter than moon No nothing else

13OCT2013 ANJA G. LUDWIGSHAFEN, RHEINLAND PFALZ, GERMANY 21:40 MEST 3 N-S WHITE, blue, green sun None visible .it looked like a large fireball, came down nearly 

13OCT2013 Uwe Vaihingen/Sindelfingen (near Stuttgart), Germany 21:40 about 3 sec NO-SW, nearly vertically to horizon lime-blue and lime-green glare light, more than a rocket on new year's eve non, no cloud of smoke (object was seen by night, but another object 20 years ago, a cloud of smoke could be seen by his own fireball, by night, but not to find tonight) probably the object was seen 50km before by my girlfriend for 5-6 sec

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André Knöfel said...

The exact time was 21:36:17 MEST (19:36:17 UTC). From the eastern part of Germany, the fireball was visible near the SW horizon: http://youtu.be/QUp8LiVnAS4

André Knöfel