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25 October 2013

Almeria, Spain Bolide 19OCT2013

Spain Bolide 19OCT2013

José Antonio Sánchez writes,

Last Saturday was over Almeria, Spain a fireball diurnal, which fragmented into two pieces, numerous reports from people who saw it.

Here the news:
Best wishes
José Antonio Sánchez

The meteorite fall, after the origin of 'strange lights' last Saturday in Almeria
Written by Alberto F. Cerdera Wednesday, October 23, 2013 16:15
  Scientists at Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory have discovered the origin of the strange lights that many Almeria saw Saturday afternoon.Center exterior cameras captured a meteor falling, a phenomenon "very common", at 20.12 hours on Saturday afternoon. Enjoy the images on our Youtube channel .
According to the researcher David Galadí, which could be seen from Almeria was a fireball, or put another way, "a shooting star more intense than usual." This Calar Alto scientist explained that it is a phenomenon "very common and completely normal", and attributed the fact that they look like two fireballs at the object "experienced an explosion during the journey through the atmosphere." ...

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