24 August 2011

MBIQ Indicates Meteor Event Over South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota and Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Canada 23AUG2011

MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) Indicates Meteor Event Over North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Manitoba, Saskatchewan
 Canada 23AUG2011
23AUG2011 Major Meteor Event
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23AUG2011 Major Meteor Event
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Huron SD Time 9:40 pm Date Here 8/23/11

At approximately 9:40 we saw a large fireball fall from the sky
northwest of Huron SD,USA.  It lasted approximately 5-7 seconds.
Bright ball of fire with blue green tail.
Angie Baarts  Thank you Angie!

Winnipeg, Canada Meteor 9:34 pm 23AUG2011
Winnipeg, Canada, southern ski at 9:34 PM
Peggy S.  Thank you Peggy!

Hallock, Minnesota Meteor

southern sky from hallock, hallock, mn, usa, 56728, kittson county 9:34 central time 8-23-11Todd & Tawnya Sorenson Thank you Todd and Tawnya!

Delano, MN
Tonight along highway 12 heading west approaching Delano, MN I witnessed an orange fireball hurling towards the ground at a slant from the north at approximately 9:33 pm. It hit ground in a corn field but was unable to see where exactly it landed. -Angie Hendrickson  Thank you Angie!

North Dakota Fireball

Saw a bright green fireball in the south-southwest sky between 9:30 and 9:35pm on August 23, 2011.  Location:  Grand Forks, ND.  
description:  green ball of light, appoximately -8 or slightly above in brightness moving to the southeast. -Joe  Thank you Joe!

Meteorite over ND

Reading on your post just updated on your website:
In Bismarck ND, approximately 9:40 ish, was driving and something flashed in the sky, looked up, and there was a VERY bright streak across the sky, mildly slow moving for a meteorite. It lit up the entire sky and land, and both me and my girlfriend in the girl were amazed by it. We were on the way to a bonfire, and when we got there, they were talking about it too, the bonfire was in lincoln, ND about 3 miles out of bismarck. Very beautiful event, lasted a few seconds, colorful, and very bright-almost had a strobe like effect. -Nick  
Thank you Nick!

Belcourt, North Dakota Meteor 9:15 August 23, 2011

Around 9:15pm I was sitting at my mother in laws in the living room. All of a sudden she jumped up frantically and said look a big green ball of fire coming from the sky. We jumped up and by that time it was to late for us to see it. She explained it as a bluish green ball falling and said it looked close. -Mandy  Thank you Mandy!

Bismarck/Mandan area- seen all the way south as Texas

Approximately 10:30PM strange lights/flashes appeared and lit up the sky for a few seconds.
"When I seen it, it was bright blue with a trail and the outer color was green. Then a BRIGHT white light. Like it was a fire work or something? Then gone."
Quoted from a friend who saw the entire event from start to finish.
He then stated helicopters flew to the scene immediately after.
Multiple people saw the same light/event. People from Bismarck/Mandan all the way south as Texas .To the north of the state, people in Grand Forks and New Town ND also saw the same event. Tomi Fool Bear  Thank you Tomi!

Shafer, Minnesota, USA Meteor 9:38 PM (central) 8/23/2011

My Husband, daughter and I were driving Westward on US Hwy 8 about 1 mile East of Shafer, MN (East Central MN, near the WI border) at 9:38 PM, 8/23/2011. We all saw a green/blue fireball with a short white tail about 45 degrees high in the sky, about 1:00 direction from our vehicle as we were heading due West. It was so large at first I thought it was a dud firework falling to the ground but I quickly realized it must have been a meteorite. It came down in an upper left toward the lower right trajectory, Northward. I was driving so I had to watch the road, but my husband and daughter thought they saw a yellowish flash in the horizon behind the tree line/town, but we are unsure how far away it was. It was pretty amazing! I hope this helps. -Michele Olson
Thank you Michele!

Oakwood State Park, SD aprox 9:40pm 8-23-11

We saw a huge fireball fall from the sky in the west.  It was dark in the center surrounded by blue and orange.  It lit up the sky and lasted about 5-7 seconds.  Oakwood state park is near Bruce, SD. -Miah  Thank you Miah!

Collegeville, MN Meteor August 23rd 2011, and around 9:30 pm central time
I was coming home from St. Cloud, MN and was near St. John's University or city of Collegeville and saw a bright green light fall from the sky and it went through the trees and appeared to hit the earth.  Once it landed, there was like a shockwave of light, like lightning coming from the ground and spread out for a instant then went dark. -Janel  Thank you Janel!

Saw a fireball in Aberdeen, SD

Hello, I stumbled upon your site because my husband was amazed at the “falling star” that he saw tonight. I would say it was between 9:30 & 9:45 tonight. He said it looked like it was just at the top of the tree line and would swear it landed in the field across the street from our house! Maybe it just looks like that. Maybe it did land? He also said it was almost hard to look at it was so bright, a blue streak.
I also saw online someone in Minnesota noticed this also and Huron, SD on your site. Were there multiple meteors? Or they couldn’t have all seen the same one, right?
He is very amazed and thinks that is a once in a lifetime event!! I wish I could have seen it also.
Between 9:30-9:45
Aberdeen, SD
Moving from East to West
Very bright light
Blue/green in color
Thank you,
Kelly Ladner  Thank you Kelly!

North dakota sighting

Hello I live in bismarck north dakota and saw a large green stripe go across the sky then saw the object exploded break into pieces and disipate. It was very eary and I'm still almost in shock it was scary and a site to see. -Alex  Thank you Alex!

southern sky from hallock, mn,usa, 56728, kittson county 9:34 central time 8-23-11 

Todd & Tawnya Sorenson  Thank you Todd and Tawnya!

Arvilla, ND -Green Orb in sky 23 Aug 11
Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 at about 2140, I witnessed a bright green ball of light headed west just south of Arvilla, ND.  Easily a bright as the moon.  I was inside my house facing south so the view was a very brief second or.  The landing must have been somewhere in the Larimore, ND area or slightly before.  My first I've seen and unfortunately it happended too fast for a sane reaction to attempt to grab a camera. -Bill  Thank you Bill!

Sighting From Saskatchewan

At approximately 9:30 last night (August 23rd) i was heading south towards the town of Maryfield Saskatchewan and saw a BRIGHT blue ball of fire with a long tail that lit up the sky that lasted for at least 5 seconds. Then before it hit the ground there was a large flash of white light like an explosion and it was gone. -Dory Watson  Thank you Dory!

Detroit Lakes, MN
Last Night 8-23-11 I saw a blue light followed by a bright white light when it hit the ground...I live in Detroit Lakes, MN and this was about 9:30 p.m. It was viewed to the south west in the sky.

Mary Schnoor  Thank you Mary!

NW Beulah, ND approx 9:40 PM CT August 23, 2011

Several people, family and friends, reported to me they saw a blue flash of light while outdoors last night. It happened between 9:30 and 10:00 PM Central time. The sky was clear and sun was almost set. They described it as a blue flash of light that lit up the darkening outdoors as a stroke of lightning would. Location: 3 or 4 miles west/by northwest of Beulah, ND. Nobody reports looking up at the sky to note anything of interest as they were either driving a car or operating a combine as we are in the midst of harvest season.
My first curious thought was it was strange to hear about the Russian space craft exploding over Siberia within the past 24 hours. Upon further investigating, I stumbled upon your site and decided the meteor sightings posted there must be related to the flash of light seen here in south western North Dakota. The times published coincide with local sightings. Very interesting. -Melissa Voegele

Thank you Melissa!

West of Parkston, SD
Tuesday Aug 23rd around 9:30 pm central time---we saw a bright blue/green streak of light that then burst into a bright light with some orange...we were traveling west of Parkston, SD and it was to the north of us it seem to travel to the west...also friends saw the same thing from the Springview, NE area.  
Joan Swim, along with Rick, Jordan, and Nate Thank you Joan!

Sioux Falls,SD 9:30 8/23/11

I was walking north and saw a streak begin just up from Polaris and move almost completely vertical to the north and west slightly. It was white at first then larger and became green and blue with slight flashes. It was quite bright (less than a full moon). The tail was about 30 degrees long. As the object got lower in the sky it got brighter and broke apart, the tail disappearing after a couple of seconds.  I saw a yellow impact flash that was about 50 to 60 degreees wide on my visible horizon. The entire event lasted about 6 seconds long or so. -JT Nelson  Thank you JT!

Hot Springs SD 8:55 pm Mountain Time 8-23-2011

First one I've ever seen, beautiful but sort of scarey. Came out of no-where and I could see the flames. Looked like it was skimming the tree-tops and headed straight for Rapid City. I was almost waiting for an explosion and then it was gone. Lasted almost 5-6 seconds. A pretty big fire-ball!!! -Jan Thank you Jan!

Hwy81 near Yankton, SD ~9:40 CST Aug 23,2011
I was driving north on Hwy81 near Yankton, SD and saw a thin streak of white light moving from the North sky (30-40 deg above horizon) to the west horizon. The light turned a thick bright green and then an even brighter orange. It seemed to explode in a shower of sparks about 5 deg above horizon. I thought it might have been fireworks. Amazing sight! 
Thank you Greg!

Altona, Manitoba meteor sighting southern manitoba

From Altona Manitoba
Last evening around 9:30pm I was sitting on my front patio when I saw a low meteor in the southern sky traveling east to west. It kept going lower to the ground and had a long bluish tail. It went behind my neighbors house and then I saw a flash of light as though it hit the earth.
-Rochelle  Thank you Rochelle!

Voltaire, ND

Three of my family members saw the meteor Aug. 23 at around 9:30 pm Central time.  It went from east to west in the southern sky.  Very bright green and blue and a flash. Lasted only a few seconds.  Seemed VERY close.   We live by Voltaire, ND. -Gwen  Thank you Gwen!

30 miles north of Brandon, MB
It was approximately 2130 (9:30 pm) Manitoba time on Tues, Aug 23/11
I was travelling south in a vehicle no more than 30 miles north of Brandon, MB
It started about 11 oclock position in the sky and travelled diagonally downwards towards 4 o'clock position from east to west. It looked like it entered the atmosphere - it just appeared low and close. It disappeared in the sky close to the ground (at the 4 O'clock) position
It was about 8 seconds or so
It was very bright blue/green, more turquoise and was glowing brightly with a yellow/whitish tail. It definitely looked much larger than the planets mars and venus appear to the naked eye

I didn't get a photo or video.  Hope this information helps, it was so beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen in my life! -Shannon -  Thank you Shannon!

Manitou, Manitoba Meteor 9:25 pm (approx) August 23, 2011

Me and my children were driving home last night, we were in between Manitou and La Riviere.  I seen something very. very bright out of the corner of my eye and looked over and we seen a long blue green thing shooting to the ground.  It had a blueish green tail and then kind of orange red at the front.  It looked like something fell off of it part of the way down, because there was a large spray of sparks coming off of it, and the the rest continued to the ground.  It lasted for about 10 seconds or so.  It maybe was farther away than it looked but it appeared to be about 1/4 of a mile from my vehicle. -Candy  Thank you Candy!

Grafton ND 9:30 p.m. 8-23-11

I was driving about 10 miles west of Grafton North Dakota last night about 9:30 p.m. when I noticed what I would consider a normal "shooting star" in the north east traveling to the southwest. As it came closer I could notice a red ball in front followed by a green-blue trail. As the object met the southwest horizon there was a big flash of white light and it was gone. Had never seen anything quite like that before. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to see it!!!!!  -Mike  Thank you Mike!

Nunn, Colorado - Sighting in Northern Colorado 8/23/2011

I saw a meteor northeast of Nunn, Colorado.  It was red/orange and fell quickly about 3 seconds and then looked like an impact explosion of yellow brightness. 
Great to see!  I made a wish...hope it didn't hit anyone.  Could this have been the same one that was seen by those in North Dakota?  I don't know what time it was exactly, but approximately 8:30 MST. -Dale  
Thank you Dale!

Upsala, MN headed WNW 201108232128 
Approx 9:28pm.  Upsala, MN.  Projectile with greenish-tint tail heading WNW with burst of white light at the end.  Lasted 2-3 seconds.  As bright as the moon.  Obviously the same as that seen from SD, ND, and Saskatchewan.  The illusion was that it "exploded" nearby.  Not the case. -midstatecomputers   Thank you!

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Aug 23
Around 9:30 PM, I was driving west on Bishop Grandin Blvd, and saw a bright blue light in my peripheral vision to the south. It was moving fast at about a 45 degree angle to the ground, travelling from east to west. My first thought was a plane crashing. It was a bright blue with a long tail and looked VERY close. When it appeared to have impacted (beyond trees, etc) I expected to see an explosion, bright lights or sirens, but there was nothing. Lasted only a couple of seconds. Interested to know what others in Winnipeg saw! -Nancy  Thank you Nancy!

Kearney, NE Meteor August 23
From Kearney, NE between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m. CST I witnessed an extremely bright green fireball low in the northern sky.  It was moving east to west and down towards the horizon.  It lasted 2 to 3 seconds and was followed by a dim flash on the horizon. -Doug  Thank you Doug!
Mobridge, South Dakota Meteor August 23
We witness the Meteor roughly at 9:45ct in Mobridge, South Dakota. I had just gotten off work sitting in my brothers back yard.
I started to see the lighted object straight east and it was moving from my right to left(to the North), and as it moved further to the north
It start to move faster and leave behind a beautiful trail of lights. Lasted for 5-8 second, I got attention of my two brothers sitting there.
And they both got to enjoy it. There might have been some sound and a vapor trail with it, but it was hard to tell being so close to the Highway.
And it wasn’t totally dark yet. There is a thread on a friend’s Facebook page a lot of people saw and heard it too last night. -Shawn M. Stickney Thank you Shawn!

Winnipeg, Canada Meteor August 23, 2011

I googled meteor, Winnipeg , August 23, 2011 and I came upon your website. I’m just confirming that we were driving south on Highway 59 going towards Winnipeg when we saw a green ball of light coming from the east at a slant going towards the west at around 9:35 p.m. We saw the ball for a few seconds and then there was an explosion. After the explosion, we couldn’t see anything else. We thought it was over Birds Hill Park but now realize that a lot of people in Canada and the United States saw the same thing. It was quite spectacular!!!
Doris  Thank you Doris!

fireball in sky near Grafton, North Dakota 
Tuesday Aug. 23, approximately 9:30 p.m. 10 miles west of Grafton, ND
I was heading home from a football game last night driving south on Highway 18 near junction of Highway 17 10 miles west of Grafton ND. To the northeast I noticed what looked like a "normal" shooting star. As it drew closer I could see what looked like a red fireball followed by a blue green tail. As it reached the southwest horizon I saw a bright white flash. Wasn't sure if there was a sonic boom or not. The whole event lasted between 5-10 seconds. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw it!!!
Mike, Grafton ND  Thank you Mike!

St. Lawrence, SD August 23, 2011 at around 9:30 p.m.
On August 23, 2011 at around 9:30 p.m., I saw saw a meteorite or whatever it was from my brother's house in St. Lawrence, SD from his west-facing bay window. It appeared to be travelling westerly and lasted about 5 seconds. It was the scariest, most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the sky next to the Aurora Borealis I saw once in Minnesota. It was like a fireball that was White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and had a very long tail...its size was at least 10 times that of an everyday "shooting star"...the curvature of its trajectory made me think it hit the nearby town of Miller, SD, but I think that part was just an illusion...The dog jumped up outside and put its paws on the window then went running down the road after it...like something out of a Steven King film....whew!!!! What a crazy night!!! -Paul Pettit  Thank you Paul!

Altona, Manitoba August 23, 2011
Last evening around 9:30pm I was sitting on my front patio when I saw a low meteor in the southern sky traveling east to west. It kept going lower to the ground and had a long bluish tail. It went behind my neighbors house and then I saw a flash of light as though it hit the earth.
-Rochelle  Thank you Rochelle!

I was driving in southern manitoba heading south-east about 5 minutes away from Brunkild when i saw a bright flash of light above. It was a big ball of fire and when it got much closer to the earth, the fire burst and turned blue-green and seemed to fall somewhere in a feild somewhere in southern Manitoba. -Arron Thank you Arron!

Fargo, ND Meteor 9:34 on 23-Aug-2011

Saw a bright blue meteor with a white tail moving fast across the southern sky at about 45 degrees high. It looked to be moving west and dropping at a 25 degree angle. The meteor turned green and then appeared to explode into yellow pieces and disappear. The break-up appeared directly southwest from our position. We were heading west on I-94 in Fargo at the time. Very cool event. -Bryan Schmidt Thank you Bryan!

Keota Colorado 20:35 local 8/23/11
While preparing for a night of stargazing, facing north I looked up and saw a very bright meteor traveling east to west for about 10 degrees before it dropped below the horizon at an angle of 20 degrees down. Immediately after dropping below the horizon a shock wave was seen extending about 1/2 degree above the horizon. From my vantage point this event occurred 8-10 degrees west of magnetic north. DavidJD  Thank you David!

Wawota, SK Canada
We also saw the blue green fire ball looking south from Wawota, SK Canada (we where approx 5 miles east of Wawota at the time), I do not know much about the stars and where they are or what their names are so I cannot tell you the location in the sky. For us the meteor was in the southern part of the sky failing in a south west direction, witch would mean the meteor would be heading over the North Dakota area. We saw a blue green streak and then it seemed to kind of explode in a flash and we could see a bigger piece of it fly off straight west. We saw the meteor at 9:10pm Central time on Aug 23, 2011. -Jodie Worley  Thank you Jodie!

Mina,SD 9:45 pm 8/23/2011
I was driving west from Aberdeen SD on HWY 12 when the whole sky and landscape lit up green. I looked up through my windshield and a screaming bright green meteor was moving WNW overhead and appeared to fizzle out and then explode into orange sparks near the ground. It looked close, but you could see its smoke trail in the sky which was obviously some distance away.-Mark Cook
Thank you Mark!

Murdo, South Dakota
On 23 August 2011 at approximately 8:30 pm Mountain Time, I was driving east on I-90 near Murdo, South Dakota, when I saw a very bright light in the sky approximately North of my location. I told my wife to look, and she saw it too.
When I first observed it, it appeared as a single point of intense white light brighter than Venus, and as I watched, it became more intense. Then a shimmering tail appeared, and my wife (who can see color better than I) said it was glowing green at that point. After a couple seconds, the object appeared to explode in the air with a bright flash of orange light.
The entire event lasted about 3 to 4 seconds. From my vantage point, the direction the object traveled appeared as east to west. Also, it came down at a fairly shallow angle.
--Norm Moulton  Thank you Norm!

Perham, MN
Glad to see others saw it too!!! at 9:32 P.M. CDT working at the Cactus Bar, Perham, MN, we went out for a smoke. From the WSW at 45% for approx 5-7 seconds, we saw the brightest biggest meteor ever. Greens, oranges, yellows, All I could say was Uhhhh Uhhh Uhhh, while pointing, then she turned around to see the last second or so. It was incredible to say the least!! I usually keep track when the ISS comes over, just hadn't last night. This was much more exciting to see!! It's always worth looking up!!!-Steve Shumansky  Thank you Steve!

Winnipeg, MB
9:34 pm Winnipeg, MB driving south on the south east perimeter saw an amazing bright burst of light followed by a giant green tail with a round head colour red with bright yellow ring around. Travel downward and dimed for 5 seconds then seem to brighten all of a sudden and continue downward into field. Absolutely spectacular will never forget me or my friend. -ms.mlavergne  Thank you MS!

I also seen a large green flash de sending from the sky tuesday (aug 23) approximately 10pm in the south west side of the city. -Rob  Thank you Rob!

Carman, Manitoba, Canada
The location is 3 miles south and 3 miles east of Carman Manitoba Canada. Carman is south and west of Winnipeg.I was in the combine headed straightsouth and saw what I thought was a flare gun or fireworks in the south west sky. It was not very high in the sky I thought it was something that was launched from ground. My wife told me about the meteorite discussion on radio and email. -Brent VanKoughnet  Thank you Brent!

Ste Rose du Lac, Manitoba
We were driving west going home to Ste Rose du Lac Manitoba around 9:40 pm, and to my left I seen a meteor falling from the sky. It was blueish/green color and was very close to the ground. It seemed so close that I had to make a detour and see if I could find it, but no such luck. -Kyle K.  Thank you Kyle!

Colorado/Nebraska Border on I70
August 23, 2011 driving on route 70, crossing from Colorado into Nebraska (somewhere near the border), we saw a large blue/green fireball directly to the north of us. I didn't see it until it was quite low on the horizon. It turned bright orange and then almost looked as if it disintegrated or exploded. I'm guessing that it was about 9 or 930 PM as the sky was almost completely dark -- not sure of the exact time. -Lonnie Rankin  Thank you Lonnie!

Cando, North Dakota USA 9:31 p.m. August 23, 2011
I was driving due west on ND Highway 17 approximately ten miles east of Cando, ND USA. Time was approximately 9:31 p.m. I first noticed the light preceding this over my left shoulder, to the south, it was so bright it was lighting the path before it. Then a large green ball of light far brighter than venus has been, and at least twenty times larger in diameter, came into view. I alerted my son who was with me but even before I finished saying "Denzel look to your left" it was gone. As it streaked westward across the sky, it made a slow curve toward the earth, as it got closer to the earth it had an orange train. It lasted only five seconds or so. I spoke with the driver of a car directly behind me but she had not seen it. We got home and immediately searched the internet but found nothing about it, until this morning, when I searched via google "meteor North Dakota August 23, 2011" and arrived at "The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News." So glad I found your site and fun to read the comments of others. My son wants to know if it has a name.
Mauri Hilts  Thank you Mauri!

Altona, Manitoba
Hello, I live in southern Manitoba in Altona. I was driving home from work at 9:25 and saw a bright green meteor (i think) shoot right above and in front of me. it started to turn white and then it just burst, i couldn't see anything after that. i saw it between winkler and altona on highway 306 right about in the middle of the highway. -Cody K.  Thank you Cody!

Moorhead , MN
I too saw the same meteor around 9:30 CST August 23, 2011. Noticed when driving westbound I94 in Moorhead , MN near the ND/MN border. First noticed the teal streak in the southern sky traveling westward (somewhat southwest) for about 1 second. Not quite as bright as a full moon. Mike Henke (Fargo, ND)   Thank you Mike!

Scottsbluff, Nebraska 
At 8:35 mountain time in Scottsbluff, Nebraska I witnessed something moving across the sky from the south to the north. I was facing east when I saw it flash. It was real low to the ground and lasted maybe 5 seconds. It was very bright and appeared to be close by. It appeared green, blue, and orange as it moved across the sky. -Spencer Lease , Westmoor Elementary 5th Grade
Thank you Spencer!

Canby, MN
Last evening I was driving North/Northeast from Marshall, MN to Canby, MN on Highway 68. I was between the towns of Taunton and Porter when suddenly, to the left of the center of my windshield, a white streak fell directly down from the sky. The streak then widened out and changed to an emerald green color. It slowed down - which was truly strange to see - and then BANG! It looked like it exploded and lights went in all directions. Truly, TRULY amazing! If pressed for where I thought it was headed, I would have said South Dakota.
Patricia Enger  Thank you Patricia!

Piney, Manitoba
Saw large greenish fireball low in sky going east to west in southern sky at about 9.30 pm August 23. It hit earth to the south southwest of us. We were in Piney, Manitoba.
-Lawrence Thank you Larry!

Lisbon, ND
We were coming home from a football game about 20 miles east of Lisbon ND when a fireball lit up the sky as if it were a full moon night. It seemed so close to the ground you could almost touch it. It streaked across the sky with all kinds of color and then burned up. Most amazing site I’ve ever seen. -Steve van Gorkom  Thank you Steve!

Horace, ND
I live outside of Fargo. 9:35 last night (Aug. 23) I was looking west and saw a green light streaking down and to the north. It got so low I thought it must be some fireworks and then the sky brightly lit up. It was fairly slow moving but the biggest meteor I’ve ever seen. – Don, Horace ND  Thank you Don!

Cheyenne, Wyoming  8:30 MDT on August 23
I saw a meteorite on the north east horizon at approximately 8:30 MDT on August 23. It had a blue green tail. It was spotted from our home north of Fort Collins. It looked like it would have flown over Cheyenne, Wyoming. -Bill  Thank you Bill!

St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba, Canada, 9:35 PM, August 23, 2011
At approximately 9:35 PM, we were traveling west on highway 52, 2 – 3 Km east of highway 59 (about 13 km northeast of St-Pierre-Jolys). We observed a very large fire ball in the southwest sky, it was very low and appeared to be south west of the village of St-Pierre-Jolys. This fire ball appeared to break up (or explode) bright oranges and yellow in colour. What we observed lasted from 2 to 4 seconds. -Blair Fallis  Thank you Blair!

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