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01 May 2011

MA NY NJ CT PA ME VT MD Quebec, Canada Large Meteor Fireball 30APR2011

美国 隕石 Breaking News- Seen in at least EIGHT US states and Canada!
NE USA / Canada Meteor 30APR2011 Sighting Locations
(c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter/Google Earth
MA NY NJ CT PA ME VT MD Quebec, Canada Large Meteor Fireball ~9:01 pm 30APR2011
Cromwell, CT 9:00 pm Fireball 30APR2011(c) 2011 Klonoski
Cromwell, CT Fireball Large Meteor Fireball 9:01 pm 30APR2011
I was outside star gazing after walking the dog around the block at 9:01PM on April 30,2011 and something caught my eye as a bright flash over the top of my house as I was sitting in my chair looking south west at a bright Sirius. I looked straight up and saw a large fireball the largest I've ever seen moving very slowly, it was very very bright white, a hundred times brighter than Sirius and it shortly broke up into many fragments and disappear dead overhead. I only saw it a short distance but figure by it's size and speed it traveled quite a way across the sky. Wondering if anyone saw a better view.  Thank You for your kind report and drawing!!

Ithaca, NY 9:52 pm 30APR2011- Large Meteor Upstate NY
I was outside at about 9.52 tonight and was facing South west and saw a large meteorite/ fireball explode in the sky...  it was huge and  white changing to a blue/green color that traveled quickly BRIGHTENING as it moved and then it exploded and disappeared. I am close to Ithaca NY and it was significantly visible and by far the brightest thing i have ever seen in the sky.
Wendy B.  Thank You, Wendy!

Springfield, MA
My husband and I were sitting in our backyard tonight and also saw this. He had a longer view than I did and described it exactly as you did. We are from Springfield MA and the object was to our south/ southwest. When the fireball broke up it looked similar to an explosion or fireworks. We looked for news about this and found this website. -Gwendolyn  Thank You!

Walpole, MA 9PM EST
Guest391 (guest): 30 Apr 2011, around 9PM EST over Walpole, MA looked like it almost made it to the ground. Thank you!

Richmond and Hinesburg, VT 8:55 PM 4/30/2011
Guest856 (guest):saw a large meteorite falling in a SW direction between Richmond and Hinesburg VT around 8:55 PM 4/30/2011 It actually appeared to be so close and so bright that I really think it was some sort of debris falling. Thank you!

St-Chrysostome, Quebec, Canada between 9-10 pm
I saw a FireBall, Saturday April 30, 2011, can't remember the time, was between 9pm and 10pm.
I live in Southern Quebec, St-Chrysostome, 45 05'52"N -73 49'08"W - Elev 64m
The meteorite travelled from East to South West, was low on my horizon, barely over my line of tree tops.
We are a group of amateur astronomers of the RASC (Royal Astronomy Society Canada), no one else in my group saw the fire ball.
Johanne Gamache

Stonington, CT
I was at a dark sky site in Stonington, CT tonight with my astronomy club. After seeing a few bright meteors we all saw a very bright flash in the sky but no fireball. We weren't sure what it was, but the time coincides with the report you linked. We also saw the Space Station fly over, an interesting night for sure.
Unfortunately, the flash was indirect, but lit up the whole sky. It was a brilliant white and lasted less than one second. At first we thought it might be lightning, but no storm approached and no noise. It was interesting as there were several other bright meteors before and after the flash. Two were in the southern sky and one in the northeast. -George B.  Thank you George!

Manhattan, NY
Guest358 (guest): I was on my back patio in Manhattan tonight and saw a very bright streak across the sky to my southwest, which brightened and disappeared. I think this is what other posters in the New York area have also seen tonight.

Baltimore, MD
Tonight at approx 9pm I was in front of my home here in Baltimore city when I saw an extremely bright fireball, moving from just below center of sky to the West/N.West. It was moving relatively slowly and was extremely bright white. It then fragmented, lighting up the sky for a split second. It was quite remarkable. I am send this email because I see that there are other sitings in the N. East that fit the description and time of my sighting.
I apologize for the format of the email, I have only just found your great website, and am quite tired from work. I will have a closer look at things tomorrow.
Thank you Very Much. Sincerely, Jonathan Hollands  Thank you Jonathan!

Debbie Broderick:Saw large fireball and tail shoot quickly across the sky at 9PM on April 30,2011, whilst walking SW in Chelmsford.MA. The head was about as big as the head of a streetlamp,and it moved too quickly for me to point it out to my husband in time so he could see it too.Debbie B.

Lancaster, PA
Guest722 (guest):Lancaster pa, large white fireball, 4/30/2011 9:02pm Last night myself and some friends where fishing in a rural area in southern lancaster county, when i noticed and let the others a whitest blue light others thought was a plane going slowly across the sky west, north west when it started to break up and exploded you could hear the sound, and seen the flash it was one of the best i have seen.

Perth, NY
I saw the same meteor last night (April 30, 2011) through my window facing SE at just before 9:00 PM, Very bright white ball floating downward and disintegrating. Perth is approximately 40 miles west of Albany, NY and about 6 miles North of Amsterdam, NY. -RS

Andover, Massachusetts
My husband and I were driving Southwest on Route 495 North of Boston last night and witnessed this meteorite at 9:01 PM according to the car clock. We saw a bright white fireball moving across the sky from left to right, much closer and brighter than any shooting star we had seen before. It looked like a firework, with a trail of sparks as it flared brightly and then disappeared. We enjoyed reading the posts by others who observed this awesome occurrence!
Sheryl and Chris Poole

Readington Township, New Jersey
We were driving in Readington Township, New Jersey around 9 PM and saw a large white/blue/green ball of light streaking in the sky. It was too big to be a shooting star and appeared to have a tail. It zoomed off quickly. - Martha

Northampton, PA 
I saw the same large meteor last night low in what im guessing to be east sky somewhere around nine pm from Northampton PA what made it even cooler was I was at my brother's wedding at the time - minicooper

Saw large fireball and tail shoot quickly across the sky at 9PM on April 30,2011, whilst walking SW in Chelmsford.MA. The head was about as big as the head of a streetlamp, and it moved too quickly for me to point it out to my husband in time so he could see it too.
Debbie B.

Howell, NJ
Couldn't believe my eyes! Last night I was standing around a campfire, gazing up at the sky, when I saw what looked like a very large meteor shooting across the sky~ had a tail and everything! It was the brightest thing I've ever seen falling from the sky!! Amazing.. I looked around the campfire and nobody else was looking up! I knew I saw something really extraordinary!! MIchele 

Somerville. NJ
Around 9 o'clock last night I saw what looked like a firework shooting into the sky.
It was green and I told my girlfriend to come look at the fireworks her noisy neighbors were shooting up.
It didn't explode like a firework and I though nothing of it.
About twenty minutes later I was talking to my friend on the phone who was about 5hrs away in Pennsylvania who actually saw it while we were on the phone and said "Hey I just saw a shooting star!".
I asked him if it was green, and if it looked like a firework about to explode, he then confirmed but said it was greenish blue.
This morning I Googled shooting stars and came across this site trying to figure out what it actually was.
Mark E. Rivera

East Rutherford, NJ
I was attending the Bamboozle music festival yesterday night at the New Meadowlands stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, and just after sunset my eye was drawn skyward as I saw what looked like a fireworks or flare streak across the sky. It then broke up into several smaller pieces and winked out. This was in the northeastern sky. At first I thought it was fireworks for the festival, but when no more followed I realized it must have been a meteor. -Thomas E.

Northwest New Jersey
Hey tonight I saw a metorite in the sky in Northwest New Jersey. It was at exactly 8:57 (I called a friend right after it happend). Chris G.

Cape Cod, MA
I saw the green meteor at about 9:20pm april 29,2011 off Cape Cod MA. I have never seen anything like this before.  -Anon.
Georgetown, Massachusetts
Hi, i saw a large slow meteorite (I think). It was a lot slower than a shooting star and it was like a fireball. It was over Georgetown Massachusetts. April 29, at around 9:20pm. I saw on your site that others saw a meteorite down south, but has anyone seen one up north?
Thanks, Rick

Wertzville, PA
Witnessed this at a Beltane fire outside of Wertzville. I have never seen anything like it, and I tried to explain what I saw to my friends.. and was delighted to find your site with people also describing the fireball/explosion effect, as well as the colours. The tail was glowing white/blue towards the head with green tints, and the explosion was reminiscent of an explosion in star wars. And then it just vanished. Was very neat! -Rebecca

La Plaine Terrebonne, Quebec 
Depuis 16:30 à La Plaine terrebonne quebec j'apercois des météorites qui passent à toutes allurent au dessus de ma maison.  From 16:30 to La Plaine Terrebonne quebec I perceive meteorites that pass Allurentall over my house -ANON.

Boston, MA
Guest467 (guest): I saw a large fireball 4/30 @9pm 20 miles west of Boston, MA.Anyone else?

Selinsgrove, PA.
Dear L M Hunter,
On Saturday night, April 30, 2011, we were in Pennsylvania driving south toward Harrisburg, when we saw a bright, white mass flying through the sky, to the southeast. We were somewhere around Selinsgrove, PA. The ball of light was beautiful and was the brightest thing either of us had seen in the sky in our pasts. It reminded me of a lighted sparkler used on the 4th of July, and had a tail which broke up and fizzled out. Within a couple of seconds the whole thing was gone.
Susan in Rochester, NY

Philadelphia, Pa. ~9:53 pm EST 30APR2011
Last night at 9:53, as I was driving south on 95 facing sw, I saw a huge bright white object shaped like a football. It suddenly appeared, seemed so close, got super bright for maybe two seconds max then fizzled out. - Melissa 

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Cory said...

New York, NY. At approximately 9:00pm last night I saw a very bright object fall in the sky in a westerly trajectory. I was in lower Manhattan and saw it primarily to my north and slightly to the east. It was the brightest and largest object I have ever seen in the sky. It was so bright it was like a mirror reflecting a light, it was also extremely white. The entire viewing was momentary. The arc it traveled was short.
Cory F.

Anonymous said...

I live on the ocean just north of Boston, last night around 9:00 I saw a bright light traveling southward. I thought someone was lighting fireworks on the beach, but quickly realized there was no sound and it was going very fast.

Anonymous said...

I live in the north east section of the Bronx in New York City. Approximately at 9:00pm standing on terrace facing east northeast I saw a very bright large object traveling west south west shoot across the sky. It was very bright with what appeared to be orange flames with a long tail. It seemed to great larger and brighter as it traveled. It suddenly disappeared into the sky.

Anonymous said...

I live in Warren Vermont and was on my home April 30th around 9:00PM when I saw a large bright object travel across the sky in front of me. At first I thought it was a small plane on fire (I live near a tiny private airport) but it was moving way too fast. I am in the mountains so when it went behind the trees I thought it crashed on the other side. I think my Husband thought I was crazy but it was seen by tons of people from a number of neighboring states.