26 May 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 26MAY2017

A meteor shockwave event recorded at seismic and infrasound stations in northern Taiwan
Seismic detections of the 15 February 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor from the .... 1996; Sexton and Dorsey 2000) to invert for the 3D meteor trajectory.

Telescope Catches Space Rocks Crashing Into Moon To Understand Earth's Meteors
International Business Times
In outer space, a rock soaring around could be an asteroid if it's large or a meteoroid if it's smaller, but that rock is called a meteor when we see it ...

'Killer Asteroids' Hidden In Annual Taurid Meteor Shower? Scientists Have Detected Two, Fear More
The Inquisitr
After finding two massive asteroids with the potential to do extensive damage to the Earth in a previously undiscovered branch of the Taurid Meteor ...

Taurids meteor shower is hiding doomsday asteroids
Daily Mail
Each year, from the end of October, the skies play host to the meteor shower, dubbed 'nature's fireworks'. The Taurids display is created by debris left ...

Asteroids that could wipe out an entire CONTINENT are hidden by the Taurids meteor shower
- The Sun

Taurids meteor shower is hiding doomsday asteroids
Latest News World
Researchers from the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Science have discovered a new debris field in an annual meteor shower that ...

Meteor explosion startles Madison County residents
Madison County Carrier
Later investigation, according to The Dixie Messenger newspaper of Madison, found it to be the report from the explosion of a meteor. Those who did ...

Latest Videos
CBS San Francisco - CBS Local
Car-Sized Meteor Breaks Up Over Bay Area Skies. Car-Sized Meteor Breaks Up Over Bay Area Skies. Categories: Worldnow Archive. Share ...

The Use Of D Criteria To Assess Meteor Shower Significance
Biblioteca Universia - Universia.net
the use of d-criteria to assess meteor shower significance in theory, a meteor shower can be distinguished from the sporadic meteor background by its.

Radio-echo Observations of the Major Night-time Meteor Streams: II. Geminids
Abstract. The results of radio-echo observations of the Geminid meteor shower during 1962 December and 1963 December are presented. In addition ...

Abstract. The Perseid meteor shower is a well-known feature of the mid-August sky, and the event is generally assumed to be associated with Comet ...

Meteors over Hobart?
Reports of a meteor shower over Hobart today... These photos sent by Quinton Turner of the vapor trail. Did you see it? Get any photos?

Meteor Echoes Live Stream: livemeteors.com
My-Proxy Server
Live meteor echoes at LIVEMETEORS.com. ... Meteor Echoes Live Stream: livemeteors.com

Perseid Meteor Shower best places to see it?
Lonely Planet
Hello. I'm going to England August. I wanted to see if anyone knows where the best place is to see this meteor shower. Here is a link to info on it the ...

Event #2017-1721
Fireball event
AMS received 13 reports about a fireball seen over Vlaanderen, Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Île-de-France and Noord-Holland on Wednesday, May 24th ...

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