11 February 2017

Father of Meteor Allsky Networks, Richard Spalding, R.I.P.

Father of Meteor Allsky Networks, Richard Spalding, R.I.P.

Most of this below was written by Tom Dorman after I delivered the news to him. I have edited it slightly.

Just a sad note we heard this morning of the passing last night of Dick Spalding (Sandia National Laboratories) who was instrumental in starting the setting up and running of meteor fireball all sky camera Systems in the U.S. but also in other countries around the world.

Fireball all sky camera system can now be bought off the shelf these days but back in the 1990's Dick was giving (many were paid for out of his own monies) the systems to willing amateurs such as the late Jim Gamble and myself who run the El Paso Fireball meteor camera in support of the North America fireball network.

These early cameras system help give a better understanding of meteors, fireball events and meteor showers and their origins. Some of the early fireball cameras that Dick gave out to many amateurs were through DOD grants.

Can say we were lucky to have known the man and was able to break bread with Dick. Dick gave graciously of his time and always was willing to answer questions from even lowly amateurs such as ourselves.

Our condolences and thoughts go out to his wife,family and those who worked with Dick for many years at Sandia National Laboratories.

God's speed Dick you will be missed. Dick you were a quiet treasure of our nation. Dick thank you for your service.

Thank you my friend. I am have greatful to have spent several hours and more than 5 years of knowing you and working with you. Love, Dirk

Regards, .Tom Dorman; and Dirk Ross, Lunar Meteorite Hunter...Tokyo

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desertengineer1 said...

Well said. JB

Astro Anthony said...

Mr. Richard Spalding,


I am honored to have spoken with you sir.
Thank you for expanding my knowledge of meteors
and entrusting me with equipment for recording them.

Node79 Turkey Spring Observatory Payson, AZ.