10 February 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 10FEB2017

Mysterious rock found in Fond du Lac County could be piece of meteor
WISN Milwaukee
No one expects a meteorite to crash down in their backyard, but in Dotyville, 10 miles east of Fond du Lac, that's exactly what might have happened.

Monday Meteor Still Being Checked
FOND DU LAC COUNTY, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) - When a meteor streaked across the sky earlier this week, it disappeared almost as fast as it appeared.

Meteor noises somehow defy the laws of physics
Strange Sounds
Meteor fireballs sometimes pulse with light many times brighter than the full Moon, and these blasts can briefly heat the surfaces of objects many miles ...

How To Recognize A Meteorite In The Field
So just in case you want to go hunting for meteorites, as debris of a meteor is named, a short list of typical signs you rock is not from this world: Despite ...

People With Frizzy Hair Are More Likely to Hear the Sound of Meteors
Air & Space Magazine
Earlier this week, a gigantic green fireball was spotted over the Midwest, with sightings reported all the way from Missouri to New York. Tens of ...

A Bright Green Meteor Spotted In Sky Over Milwaukee
The Marshalltown
A bright green fireball streaked across the sky in Milwaukee in the early morning hours of February 6th. It left debris in its wake that fell into Lake ...

A Big Bright Meteor Fell Through The Sky in the Midwest
Texas Hill Country
A bright light flashing through the skies of the Midwest United States had residents wondering about the display until it was identified as a meteor.

Dashcam captures meteor streak on tape
Komando Video - Kim Komando
Dashcam captures meteor streak on tape. You have to see this! Dashcams in police vehicles captured footage of a falling star over Lake Michigan, ...

Meteor Shower Detection with Density-Based Clustering
Vox Charta
We present a new method to detect meteor showers using the Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise algorithm (DBSCAN; Ester ...

Posts Tagged nasa all-sky fireball network
Vox Charta
We apply this shower detection algorithm on a dataset that contains 25,885 meteor trajectories and orbits obtained from the NASA All-Sky Fireball ...

Mars Hit By Meteorite 'Shotgun Blast'
The Inquisitr
So when an average-sized meteor enters the Martian atmosphere, it gets very little resistance (more if the meteor hits at an angle to the surface) as it ...

Michigan meteor lights up the Midwest sky
The Missouri Injury Blog (blog)
Meteorologist Jeff Last of the National Weather Service's office in Green Bay, Wisconsin, says the meteor was accompanied by a sonic boom that ...

CRAZY! Meteor seen in Wisconsin & Illinois
989 Radio Now - iHeartRadio
CRAZY! Meteor seen in Wisconsin & Illinois. posted by Rucker - 8 hours ago. comment; share. Rucker. Contact. Call 502-571-9898.

Meteor seen across Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa & Indiana
The National Weather Service out of Milwaukee posted on Twitter around 1:43 a.m. Monday, "several reports of a bright flash and possible meteor ...

Dashcam Catches Meteor Streaking Across The Sky
720 · 7 comments. Geminids fireball and meteor shower over Mt. Balang, China · 8. New analysis cuts the estimated number of rogue planets by half.

Large meteor fireball in Finland in February
Large meteor fireball in Finland in February. Northern Finland video stations recorded a long fireball that lasted 7 seconds on February 8th, 2017, ...

American Meteor Society
Remarks, I did not think that it was as bright as one on video recently, but it was large fire ball, and then not visible before I had a chance to get scared.

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