02 July 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 02JUL2017

Earth's on a collision course for an asteroid
The Times (subscription)
Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen, has put the “rock” back into rocker. Having returned to college and gained a PhD in astrophysics, he helped to ...

NASA has found 16000 asteroids near Earth. Don't panic.
If a 140-meteor asteroid, which is large enough to destroy a city, were discovered today and the math of its orbit predicted a collision in a few months, ...

Two Asteroids, One The Size Of A House And Just Discovered, Do Close Flybys Of Earth On ...
The Inquisitr
For example, the Chelyabinsk Meteor that disintegrated in the skies over Russia in February 2013 was estimated to be only 20 meters (66 feet) in ...

NASA is building computer models of possible asteroid impact scenarios
Gephardt Daily
The meteor that exploded in the sky above the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in 2013 — shattering windows and shaking buildings — served as a ...

Tunguska Eyewitnesses Describe What It's Like To Live Through AMeteor Strike
109 years ago today, a meteor crossed paths with Earth and blew apart in the air above a remote area of northern Russia, near the Tunguska River, ...

NASA celebrating Asteroid Day with special broadcast
The object was technically a meteor-the name given to small rocks, or meteoroids, when they enter Earth's atmosphere and burn up-and caused more ...

How a Speck of Light Becomes an Asteroid
June 30 is International Asteroid Day. Have you ever wondered how asteroids are discovered? Here's the story.

Did you see a bright, fast-moving light over Adelaide last night?
The Advertiser
What people saw was a very bright fireball, that was tracked by the Desert ... Desert Fireball Network observatory at Mt Ives, south of Lake Gairdner.

South Aussies mystified as blazing fireball tears through sky
Yahoo7 News
... captured on a security camera at Port Lincoln. Experts are not sure if it's a meteor or a piece of space junk. Nor are they sure where, or if, it landed.

Sparkly Meteors and 7 More Can't-Miss Sky Events in July
National Geographic
The Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower promises to add some glitter to the night sky in July, with as many as 25 meteors per hour during its peak.

Umpqua Star Gazer: Saturn puts on a show in July
Two meteor showers interact to provide “Shooting Star” fans a few good mornings of meteor watching. Set your alarm for 2 a.m. PDT on July 29 and ...

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