04 July 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04JUL2017

Clouds of frosted meteor smoke now rippling over Europe
Southgate Amateur Radio Club
This week in parts of Europe, nightfall has brought something different: an electric-blue glow caused by clouds of water-frosted meteor smoke rippling ...

DOOMSDAY WARNING: Nasa to smash spaceship into ASTEROID to knock it off course
... 1963 treaty about nuclear explosions in space, think of it an a kinetic weapon travelling at 5-10% the speed of light knocking a meteor out of the way.

NASA Is Testing A Spacecraft That Protects Earth From Oncoming Asteroids By Smashing Into Them
Ever since scientists first theorised that a meteor strike could have been possible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, the worry has been that a similar ...

NASA Spacecraft Would Smash Into an Asteroid as a Dry Run for Saving the Planet
Popular Mechanics
A meteor strike in Chelyabinsk, Russia, occurred in 2013 when an asteroid about 20 meters in diameter unexpectedly exploded over the city of 3.5 ...

NASA to create space probe to save Earth from asteroid impact
Czech researchers recently revealed that they had seen increased meteor activity close to Earth. The rise led the scientists to believe there was a ...

90% of frog species descended from meteor survivors
Latest News
Research led by the University of Texas at Austin shows that 88 per cent of frog species owe their existence to the devastating meteor that collided ...

Global catastrophe: Meteor impact that wiped off the dinosaurs, allowed frogs to evolve, 66 million ...
International Business Times AU
The new study has revealed that 88 percent of the frog species alive today owe their existence to the meteor impact, 66 million years ago. The impact ...

The meteor strike that wiped out the dinosaurs paved the way for FROGS: 90% of the amphibians ...
Daily Mail
New research shows that nearly 90 per cent of frog species alive today owe their existence to the meteor impact that wiped the planet clean of most ...

Stargazers could see 25 meteors per hour light up the night sky this month
Daily Post North Wales
Stargazers are in for a treat this summer with a solar eclipse set for August and moon phases and two meteor showers in July. The moon's phases ...

Stars Above: July cosmic sprinkles and stars
Montreal Gazette
Shooting stars, from the Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower, promise to peak in the early hours before dawn. With its famed sister shower, the ...

The end of Chilean Meteorites ??
Chile is on the way to limit or forbide meteorite recovery expeditions.
As the law is still a proposal, we can contact senator Guido Girardi (ggirardi@senado.cl) to suggest how must be a really good law to protect meteorites and promote a responsible recovery and study of all pieces.
Don’t forget this opportunity to help Chile have the best meteoritics law of this planet !

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