05 May 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 05MAY2017

Bright meteor!
Cloudy Nights
Bright meteor! - posted in General Observing and Astronomy: Just saw an extremely bright meteor in the North sky, at 9:43pm!

Meteor Flies Over Okotoks
"We saw the meteor right overtop of Okotoks as we were heading back in from Calgary," he says. "As we were driving back into town I saw the flash of ...

Ancient Meteor Strike Triggered Eruptions Lasting Up to a Million Years
Live Science
A huge meteor that hit Earth about 2 billion years ago was responsible for explosive and long-lived volcanic eruptions, scientists have found.

New study suggests meteor showers sparked volcanic eruptions
The team studied rocks in a massive crater in Sudbury, Ontario, where a deep basin was formed 1.85 billion years ago by a bolide, a meteor which ...

Comet Halley Chaff Sparks Weekend Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower
Astro Bob - AreaVoices
The meteors are spawned from fragments of Halley's Comet strewn about its orbit. Every May, Earth crosses the stream and we get a meteor shower.

What you Need to Know about the Meteor Shower this Weekend
National Geographic Australia
In Autumn the Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower blazes across the sky. The shower will peak early tomorrow morning, but will still be visible for the days ...

Eta Aquariids meteor shower 2017 and how you can see it over Hull
Hull Daily Mail
The meteor shower, called Eta Aquariids, is an annual phenomenon when the Earth passes through a trail of dust and ice left behind history's most ...

Lincolnshire Stargazers await stunning Eta Aquariids meteor shower
Lincolnshire Echo
Stargazers across Lincolnshire are in for a treat as a stunning meteor shower flies past the Earth. Shooting stars produced from Halley's comet will ...

When to see the Eta Aquariid meteor shower 2017
Birmingham Mail
When to see the Eta Aquariid meteor shower 2017. Promisingly for Brummie stargazers, the extravaganza will be visible from the UK over the next two ...

Look up tomorrow night! Eta Aquarids meteor shower will light up skies around the world with up to 
Daily Mail
A meteor shower called the Eta Aquarid will peak at the end of this week, with the best viewing times occurring overnight on Friday, and early Saturday ...

New Zealand in prime position for stunning meteor shower - but what's the best time to watch? - TVNZ

Meteor shower set to occur Friday early morning » Manila Bulletin…
Daily Star Philippine
According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the Eta Aquarid meteor shower occurs ...

How to watch the Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower
Florida Today
The Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory is closed this Friday, May 5th, for a private event and will re-open Saturday, May 6th, at 6:30 ...

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower, Crumbs of Halley's Comet, Peaks This Weekend: What to Expect
The best time to see the 2017 Eta Aquarid meteor shower may be in the early morning hours on May 6. Shown here, a Perseid meteor near Bryce ...

I CAUGHT A #METEOR!!! @Yellowstone National Park! Overnight!
It went by so fast I doubt anybody else saw it! \o/ The Sky is Showing! And, don't forget the UFOS! Not ETS, UFOS Click Card to see them and all the ...

How to watch the Eta Aquariid meteor shower 2017: Shooting stars from Halley's Comet to light up ...
The comet produces two meteor showers - the Eta Aquariids, which are always visible in May, and the Orionids, which are visible in October.

Spectacular Light Show Expected As Annual Eta Aquariids Meteor Shower To Happen This Week ...
Science Times
This month, a spectacular light show will once again wow humans as the annual Eta Aquariids meteor shower to happen this week will light up the ...

Mysterious Flash in Sky May Be Part of Meteor Shower
NBC Southern California
A mysterious light that flashed across Southern California skies Monday night may be a part of a meteor shower expected to peak this weekend, ...

Social Media Asking 'What Was That Light In The LA Sky?'
CBS Los Angeles
The light likely was a “light meteor flying through the atmosphere,” an official at the observatory said Thursday evening. A meteor shower taking place ...

Barringer Meteor Crater
National Geographic Traveller (UK)
14 of America's greatest natural wonders. A spouting volcano; a vast meteor crater; a mountain range… Read More» · Isn't it time you went around the ...

Veterans Meteorite Hunt
On April 29, 2017 Poppy Wharton from Granger Legacy, and Jim Wooddell put on a Veterans Meteorite Hunt at Stewart Dry Lake. This video is a flyby ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for May 6-12, 2017
American Meteor Society
this 20-second exposure, a meteor lights up the sky over the top of a mountain ridge near Park City, Utah. Even though this image was captured during ...

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