28 May 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 28MAY2017

Meteor fireball reported over England and Wales
The UK Meteor Network (UKMON) has received over 20 reports and many messages on social media of a meteor fireball on 27th May 2017 over ...

Huge Meteor Hit 5-28-2017
Huge meteor anomaly recorded from livemeteors.com 2:49am EST.

Lunar NASA got hit by meteor “attack”
Russian Reality
Lunar Orbiter NASA (LRO) during shooting, the surface of the satellite was hit by a meteor“attack”. As was reported at the end of the week, aerospace ...

Orionid meteor shower sparks fireballs — and it's not over yet
The Orionid meteor shower produced some amazing cosmic sights for stargazers, including two brilliant fireballs, despite a bright moon and ...

Scientists worry that a meteor shower could be hiding asteroids
Scientists have discovered potentially dangerous space fragments hiding behind a meteor shower that could hit Earth and cause destruction.

What Does A Meteorite Hitting A Spacecraft Sound Like?
A wobbly camera image on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was used to reconstruct a meteorite impact on the spacecraft ...

NASA's Moon Orbiter Camera Survived Meteoroid Hit
LROC typically only captures images during daylight and then only about 10 per cent of the day, so for the camera to be hit by a meteor during the time ...

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