09 February 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 09FEB2017

Blazing Green Meteor Lights Up Midwest Skies
Around 1:25 A.M. local time Monday, a bright green fireball shot across the Midwest, setting off a sonic boom that shook homes below and amazed ...

February 8, 2017: A bright meteor was seen over Wisconsin and several other states about 1:25 ...
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences | Washington University - Washington University in St. Louis
Clockwise from upper left: from a Glendale, WI, police dashcam, Plover, WI, police dashcam, Lisle, WI police dashcam, and from the roof of the ...

Follow Up: New details on Monday morning meteor, possible piece found in FDL County
One Fond du Lac County family says it may have found a piece of the meteor on its property. Since a bright fireball streaked across Monday morning's ...

The fireball that fell into Lake Michigan on Monday was not just a metaphor
Chicago Reader
Such events were not unknown in ancient mythologies when the gods were displeased, but scientists at the Field Museum and the American Meteor ...

Big green fireball caught on video streaking through Midwest sky
A giant fireball streaked across the dark Midwest sky over the United States this past Monday, and was spotted by individuals in multiple states, ...

The fireball that fell into Lake Michigan on Monday was not just a metaphor
Chicago Reader
A bright green fireball fell from the sky into Lake Michigan early Monday morning. Such events were not unknown in ancient mythologies when the ...

Northern US meteor dazzles thousands
Early Monday morning, thousands of people across multiple northern U.S. states watched a brilliant meteor streak across the sky. It then plunged into ...

Meteor lights up the night sky over Illinois and Wisconsin
Gulf Today
Springfield: A meteor plummeted in a fireball over Lake Michigan early on Monday, lighting up the night sky in bright blue just before scattering over ...

Meteor lights up sky in several states
Jasper County Indiana Online News
Meteor lights up sky in several states. Dashcam video from police cruisers in Wisconsin and Illinois captured the green fireball streaking through the ...

Giant fireball slams into Lake Michigan
WISN Milwaukee
A chunk of an asteroid entering earth's atmosphere could be seen in a huge area recently.  ...

A Meteor Lit Up the Sky Over the Midwest
WRFY - iHeartRadio
Raised in the countryside just outside of Shamokin, Bob graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes Regional High School in Coal Township in 1998 and ...

Fireball! Amazing Midwest Meteor Caght By Police Dashcam, Rooftop Camera
On February 6, 2017, a camera on the Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences Building on the University of Wisconsin campus and a Lisle, Illinois ...

Meteor 2/6/17 as seen from Oswego, Illinois. ... Please try again later. Published on Feb 8, 2017. Meteor 2/6/17 as seen from Oswego, Illinois.

Meteor over Lake Michigan lights up sky
Escanaba Daily Press
Meteorologist Jeff Last of the National Weather Service's office in Green Bay says themeteor was accompanied by a sonic boom that shook houses in ...

Giant Meteor Illuminates the Sky Above Wisconsin, US [STRONG LANGUAGE]
Sputnik International
A huge fireball emerged in the sky and scared these two spectators driving a car. The meteor and their emotional reaction to it were accidentally ...

Scenes from Wetumpka: Coosa River, meteor crater features of Main Street town
Wetumpka, the seat of Elmore County, lies between the Coosa River and a massivemeteor crater that is one of only six in the world that is visible ..

Meteor Activity Outlook for February 11-17, 2017
American Meteor Society
This weekend the bright moon will make meteor observing extremely difficult as all but the brighter meteors will be obscured by the lunar glare.

A guide to the eclipse, full moon and comet extravaganza: Locations & time
International Business Times AU
A meteor streaks across the sky in the early morning as people watching during the Perseid meteor shower in Ramon Carter near the town of Mitzpe ...

A confidence index for forecasting of meteor showers
Vox Charta
The forecasting of meteor showers is currently very good at predicting the timing of meteoroutbursts, but still needs further work regarding the level of ...

Possible re-entry of object or a meteor from Almería (Spain)
José Luis Ruiz Gómez, Spain
I was angry that I could not provide good data, I had the camera processingan earlier photo. For lack of anything else, I will try to give a description as best as possible. The visibility of the re-entry has lasted about 15 seconds, which seems quite enough for a meteor. For the trajectory
I leave a photo, the angle can vary several degrees, as well as the origin and purpose of the sighting, but must be approximate. The brightest star is Sirius. At the origin, it shone with magnitude +2, reddish, and I thought it would be a satellite, but as it progressed, it increased in brightness
until reaching a maximum of magnitude -2 to about 2/3 of the way with a water drop shape , And then decreased its magnitude to 0, just disappearing. There was no explosion or decomposition in other
objects. Color reddish to orange. The rest of the evening boring and what the sky promised.
Date: 02/08/2017
Time 18:33 UTC
3602, 36.8389º N, 2.4498º W, 30 m, Almería (Spain)
José Luis Ruiz Gómez, Spain

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