08 February 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08FEB2017 MidDay

Meteor lights up Wisconsin night sky
A meteor passing over Lake Michigan early Monday morning lit up the sky in several states and shook houses with its sonic boom. Subscribe to WISN ...

What is the difference between a meteor and an asteroid?
BBC News
Ever looked at a shooting star and wondered what it was? Is it a meteor, a comet or an asteroid? Every day the Earth is bombarded with more than 100 ...

Lake Michigan meteor lights up the sky in several states
CBS News
A campus police officer at the University of Wisconsin–Madison was one of the officers in the region whose dash cam captured the meteor flashing ...

When a meteor hit: Millions of years ago in Des Plaines
Chicago Tribune
Millions of years ago there was a different ending when a large meteorite crashed into what is now Cook County with the force of thousands of ...

Wisconsin fireball and Lake Michigan diving meteorites
International Meteor Organization
On February 6th, 2017, around 07h 27min UT (ie 01:27 am CST), a very bright greenish fireball was widely observed, heard (by 23% of witnesses) ...

Fire in the sky: Meteor blazes a trail above the Midwest
Las Vegas Review-Journal
GREEN BAY, Wis. — A meteor over Lake Michigan lit up the sky Monday morning across several states in the Midwest. Dashcam video from police ...

Meteor lights up sky above Chicago area, Midwest
ABC7 News
While most people were sleeping, some sky watchers across the Chicago area and the Midwest got a glimpse of a meteor early Monday morning.

Meteor Lights Up Midwest Sky
Dashcam video from police cruisers in Washington and Illionis captured the fireball streaking through the night about 1:30 a.m. (Feb. 6)

Watch Video: Meteor over Lake Michigan has US in awe
The Indian Express
Dashcam video from police cruisers in Wisconsin and Illinois captured the fireball streaking through the dark sky about 1:30 am. In addition to Illinois ...

WATCH: Incredible footage captures meteor fireball which caused sonic boom
The American Meteor Society said more than 380 witnesses reported spotting the fireball, which could be seen in seven US states and Ontario in ...

Meteor creates buzz in Manitowoc
The Meteor on Monday morning created plenty of buzz for a Wisconsin city that knows a thing or two about "out of this world experiences." In the early ...

Meteor over Lake Michigan lights up sky in several states
(AP) A meteor that flew over Lake Michigan lit up the sky on Monday, Feb. 6, across several states in the Midwest. Dashcam video from police cruisers ...

Huge meteor blazes across US skies
Meteor. Video duration 0:32. Huge meteor blazes across US skies Jump to media player Dashcam footage captures a fireball over US Midwestern ...

Huge Green meteor sighted across upper Midwest
MILWAUKEE -- A flaming meteor was spotted early Monday in the lower sky across the Midwest, giving a rare up-close look at the phenomenon, ...

Meteor spotted over US Midwest
CTV News
A meteor was spotted streaking over the night sky in the U.S. Midwest.

Meteor Streaks Across Midwestern Sky
Chicago's B96
A meteor briefly lit up the sky overnight above Chicago.

Green Fireball over Wisconsin: Citizen Science at Work
American Meteor Society
Today, we are still receiving reports about the large green fireball that occurred over Wisconsin around 01:31 CST (07:25 UT). With more than 465 ...

WATCH: Police Dashcam Catches Meteor In Illinois!
Power 105.1 - iHeartRadio
The video was released by the Lisle Police Department on Feb. 6, 2017, and is one of many showing the meteor.

Sheboygan Wisconsin Lake Michigan meteor
Feb 6, 2017
Probably one of the best sets of videos of the meteor last night going southwest to northeast across Illinois and up the shore of Lake Michigan. ...

Why meteors can make your hair hum and your clothes rustle: Researchers say light from the ...
Daily Mail
Sky-watchers over the years have reported hearing strange popping, hissing, and rustling sounds almost instantly when a meteor passes overhead.

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