04 February 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 04FEB2017

Study: Biodiversity of Ordovician radiation unrelated to asteroid breakup
Analysis of ancient zircon crystals revealed an ancient meteor shower to be ... haven't been able to precisely date the arrival of the meteor cascade.

Purdue researchers make out-of-this-world discovery
It was an impact with either a meteor or a comet on the martian surface that knocked these samples off of Mars. Researcher Marc Caffee has analyzed ...

Astronomers Found Out That Mars Volcanic Activity Happened Over 2 Billion Years Ago
iTech Post
As luck would have it, scientists have been discovering meteor rocks since 2012, some rocks dated one million years after it departed from the planet.

The Search Expedition For 'Lost Meteorites' In Antarctica Has Been Approved
iTech Post
If the team, funded by the British Antarctic Survey, can find some of these iron-based meteor rocks, it could give us critical clues about how life started ...

Meteor shower. Active window (peak day) Velocity ZHR*. Parent body. Quadrantids. 01/01-01/05 (1/3). 41km/s 120 Asteroid 2003 EH1, Comet 1490Y1.

The ultimate guide to the February night sky
The Missouri Injury Blog (blog)
The coming month will feature meteor showers, eclipses of the sun and moon, and our lunar satellite posing with planets. To catch a glimpse of the ...

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