19 February 2017

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 19FEB2017

Meteor Lights Up Midwest Sky
Dashcam video from police cruisers in Washington and Illionis captured the fireball streaking through the night about 1:30 a.m. In addition to Illinois ...

Meteor over Lake Michigan lights up sky in several states
Long Room
A meteor over Lake Michigan lit up the sky Monday morning across several states in the Midwest.

Unexplained Fireball, Boom Rattle Residents
There's no official word so far as to what caused a large boom and a bright light across a portion of the North Escambia area Saturday night.

Charente-Maritime: a big meteor crosses the sky of France
The enormous bolide was filmed on the night of Friday to Saturday, before its disintegration. Meteorites may have fallen around La Rochelle.

New tool for estimating meteor showers activity (MeteorActive)
Cloudy Nights
I always find meteor showers awe inspiring celestial phenomenon. There is something magical in seeing those swift streaks of light tracing the night ...

Reports Report 668a (Event 668-2017)
American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Kim C. Experience Level, 2/5. Remarks, First time I have actually seen afireball with my own eyes ! Location. Address, Caro, MI.

Reports Report 657a (Event 657-2017)
American Meteor Society
Remarks, It was definitely one of the brightest and strange fireballs/meteors I have ever seen, caught me completely off-guard. It was beautiful and ...

Reports Report 654r (Event 654-2017)
American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Sarah E. Experience Level, 1/5. Remarks, I was inside my house. I couldn't hear a sound, but the dog was out and did bark once ...

Reports Report 654aj (Event 654-2017)
American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Kevin D. Experience Level, 4/5. Remarks, I was out stargazing, just naked eye. The sky was cloudless, cold night with little to no wind ...

February mu Virginids
International Meteor Organization
Meteor Activity Outlook for February 18 – 24, 2017. February 18, 2017 by Robert Lunsford -. Latest Major Fireball Events. Everyday, we receive reports ...

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