07 May 2015

Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower - Brazil Live Video Transmission

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower - Brazil Live Video Transmission w/ live chat / hangout on Google Plus from Sao Paulo, Brazil by BRAMON
Live Video Transmission of the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower
LIVE- Transmissão ao vivo: Chuva de meteoros Eta Aquarídeas
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  The Eta Aquarídeas phenomenon occurs in the first week of May and can provide a good amount of meteors per hour. Its radiant is in the constellation Aquarius.
  For 2015, the peak of this rain should occur between 5 and 6 May. But by the time the moon will be full, which should overshadow the spectacle of meteors.
  The association of this meteor shower with Comet 1P / Halley was discovered in 1876 by astronomer Alexander Stewart Herschel and confirmed in subsequent years. In early May 1947 the radio telescope in the observatory Jodrell Bank in the UK for the first time detected this event in the radio portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  The meteor showers do not pose risks to the Earth and occur in almost every month, some with more intensity and wide visibility.
  We'll be broadcasting live on 06MAY2015 from 03:00 (Brasília time) in partnership with the Astrocan - RCP1 Bramon station in giving the direct images of São Paulo.

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