31 May 2015

1500 Kg Campos del Ceilo Meteorites Confiscated in Argentina Arrests

1500 Kg Campos del Ceilo Meteorites Confiscated in Argentina Arrests

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Argentine police arrest 'meteorite thieves'
BBC News‎ - 5 hours ago

El Chaco is the second-biggest meteorite ever found - and it too aroused avarice among ...

Police arrest meteorite thieves with 1500 kilos of rock in Argentina
Deutsche Welle
... of Heaven," covering 1,300 square kilometers (500 square miles) - an area that scientists say got pelted 4,000 years ago by a major meteor shower. ...

Detienen a paraguayo que transportaba meteorito en Argentina
Un paraguayo fue detenido, junto a otros 3 argentinos, en la provincia de Chaco, Argentina, durante este sábado por la Gendarmería por transportar ilegalmente piedras de meteorito....
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A Paraguayan was arrested, along with three other Argentines in the province of Chaco, Argentina, during this Saturday for illegally transporting Gendarmerie meteorite stones. ...

Campo del Cielo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Campo del Cielo iron meteorite with natural hole, 576 grams ... This stone, named El Chaco, is the second heaviest single-piece meteorite after the Hoba ...

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Unknown said...

Today Sunday 31st May 2015 portuguese newspaper "Correio da Manhã" reports: (my translation do english): ARGENTINE - Stolen meteorites: Argentinian police announced that yesterday arrested four smuglers that atempted to steal more than a ton of protected meteorites that the thieves were carrying in their car.

José Campos, Setubal, Portugal