15 September 2014

VA MD PA Meteor 14SEP2014

VA MD PA Meteor Between 2230-2330 EDT 14SEP2014 - FEMA Region III
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VA MD PA Meteor Between 2230-2330 EDT 14SEP2014
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Video 1 - compilation of cameras

Central PA Meteor Turns Night into Day
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Central PA Meteor from York, PA & Flash from Vinco, PA 9/15
Posted to YouTube by Jesse Ferrell 227 views
Check your security cameras!
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
14SEP2014 Thomas Arlington Virginia USA Approximately Eastern Daylight Time 11:30 pm 2-3 seconds SE toNW White, some red, brief blue Looked like a fireball; bright Roman candle No fragments None

14SEP2014 Michael Agusta Mount Airy, MD USA 22:55:00 3 seconds E-W facing NW White streak red orange Brighter than lightning No Lit up 2 windows, no storms in area
14SEP2014 White flame Lancaster PA 22:30:00 3-5 seconds about 15 feet from ground white flame bright white flame dont know a bright white flame disappeared then background sky flickered

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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