16 September 2014

Tokyo, Japan Area Strong Earthquake 5.6+ Mag 16SEP2014- Breaking Just NOW

Breaking Just NOW--
Tokyo, Japan Area Hit with a Strong Earthquake 5.6+ Mag Approx 1228 JST 16SEP2014

Take PRECAUTIONS for Possible STRONG AFTERQUAKES of greater magnitude even in the coming hours or days!

No tsunami expected but take precautions to stay away from heavy furniture and be prepared in case of more following strong afterquakes. If earthquake go to the strongest part of your house or Go OUTDOORS and AWAY FROM buildings.  There may be some delays on highways and local traffic until safety has been determined.  NO major damage reported yet and is unexpected.

Transportation such as trains and buses and air flights will experience SOME delays.

Tokyo, Japan Area Strong Earthquake 5.6+ Mag 16SEP2014
c 2014 JMA - Japanese Government
Report issued at -Link - 12:33 JST 16 Sep 2014
Occurred at -12:28 JST 16 Sep 2014
Region Name -Ibaraki-ken Nambu
Magnitude- M5.6
Maximum seismic intensity- 5-
(JMA Seismic Intensity)

Map and Official Japan Govt Report-

IF you are in Japan turn ON your TV for official reports.

NHK World is not yet airing the newsflash-
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