29 September 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 28/29SEP2014

Which came first, Earth's water or the sun?
The Christian Science Monitor - 6 hours
New research suggests that a significant amount of water found on Earth today likely formed outside the solar system before the birth of our ...

CT PA NY Meteor Early Morning Long Duration 27SEP2014
CT PA NY Meteor Early Morning Long Duration 10-20 Secs 05:09 AM EST 27SEP2014 Check your security cameras! Please file your meteor ...

NASA's Curiosity rover finds ball on Mars - is it really just a rock?
Dose - 12 hours
We're not so sure.

Alert: Fireball Meteor Events California, VA, MD, PA, Alberta, Canada
YouTube ⋅ 03:08
Breaking News- Vancouver, BC, Canada / WA Bolide Meteor Big Event Approx. 2020 PDT 13SEP2014 Updates Pending! 17 Reports! . Possible ...

Black Hills Meteor
author: Randy Halverson; title: Black Hills Meteor; category: Landscapes; camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III; description: Black Hills Meteor - A huge ...

Four rare meteor 'fireballs' flying across the East Coast sky spotted by more than 400 witnesses
More than 450 witnesses reported seeing four bright meteors -- or fireballs -- along the East Coast Tuesday, the American Meteor Society reports.

Fireball spotted above the Carolinas
According to the American Meteor Society's website, people in Charlotte, Mint Hill and Lancaster were among those who spotted the streaks in the sky.

27 reports
American Meteor Society
AMS received 29 reports about a fireball seen over NC, SC and VA on September 27th 2014 around 03:15 (UTC)

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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