03 September 2014

ON NY PA Meteor 03SEP2014

ON NY PA Meteor Approx. 2000 EDT 03SEP2014
ON NY PA Meteor APPROX. 2000 EDT 03SEP2014
Check your security cameras!
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
03SEP2014 slb brooktondale, NY 20pm 5 United States yellow orange moon could not tell no

03SEP2014 Victar Mas Tarrytown, New York, USA 20:02 EST 1 E-W white venus two pieces N/A

03SEP2014 Moira Mount pleasant, pa, USA 20:00, 8pm EST 2-3 sec Nw-se White, yellow Brighter than moon Unsure Very bright! Seemed large.

03SEP2014 Nicholas von Maltzahn ORLEANS, Ontario // (east of Ottawa), ONTARIO, CANADA 20:08 / EASTERN .75 sec? Fireball moved south, seen as I drove south bright yellow, with some orange much brighter than Venus None observed Event recalled previous fireball seen on 25 August, ca. 20:40, when driving west from Montreal

03SEP2014 James Elliott King City, Ontario, Canada 19:45 GMT-4 1-2 sec N-S, was facing south Bright white, long streak, flash at end of streak Same as moon Couldn't tell, possible at the flash No sound, clearly visible even though sun hadn't set yet.

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