07 September 2014

France Meteor 07SEP2014

France Meteor 0645 am Local 07SEP2014
France Meteor 0645 am Local 07SEP2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
07SEP2014 Martin Colombet Caunes-Minervois, Aude, France 6H59 AM few seconds, disapeared behind trees facing south, on my right, going down from north to south with, no sound it was dawn time, with some light from the sun, brighter than the moon no no

07SEP2014 Henrietta Ghattas Labarthe Riviere, Haute Garonne, France 06.45 - roughly (I didn't look at the time right away) / Time Zone France , am Can't have been more than three or four seconds. Certainly felt very, very brief. I was facing south. It started high and shot down at a sharp angle, a little to the right, so travelling roughly south-south-west I'd guess. No sound. Colour: white to bright orange. Very bright - I was sitting beneath a window in an unlit room and the sudden brightness made me look up. Definitely brighter than the moon; more like a small, fast-moving, sun-bright line with a slight bulge at the leading point. Not that I noticed. The sky was very overcast at the time, and it was just light enough to make out the clouds. The meteor (if that's what it was, i've never seen one before) left a distinct vapour trail behind it.

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