24 September 2014

Florida Meteor 24SEP2014

Florida Meteor/s Approx. 0100 EDT 24SEP2014
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Florida Meteor/s Approx. 0100 EDT 24SEP2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
24SEP2014 anthony summerfeild Fl 1:25:00 lasted about 5 or 6 seconds before it wasnt visible straight down i was facing. in the direction of ocala/gainesville area. Bright green flash then faded away to nothing it lit up the sky . im not sure if it made it to the ground or not i didnt see anything break away from it so im assuming it did. it was the most amazing random event ive ever witnessed. Better than the best fireworks ive ever seen without the boom.

24SEP2014 David Skerritt Clearwater, FL USA 0115am About 10 seconds Facing northeast - traveling toward the northeast Bright green Very bright. No I was at my computer in my sunroom facing northeast

24SEP2014 Brandon C. Sims Alachua, Florida, USA 0100 EST 5-10 seconds W-E Bright flash of green light, and a large bright light didn't downwards. Brighter than the moon, though not quite as big. Much larger in size than a planet. I didn't really see any fragmentation. I've never seen anything like. It was unreal, like something out of a movie.

24SEP2014 Cliff tyner Cocoa Florida us 0100am 2sec North Green light shooting down moving so fast Brighter than the moon No So fast

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Mimi Martinez said...

I had the rare joy of seeing a bright blue light flash across ne fl 32256 it lit up the entire parking lot. Then you could actually hear it as it fell then turned green, then yellow then disappeared. Truly amazing !

Mimi Martinez said...

Oh I'm sorry I forgot it was at 1:12 am 9/24/14