15 September 2014

Alberta, Canada Early Morning Meteor 14SEP2014

Alberta, Canada Early Morning Meteor Between Approx. 0700 Local 14SEP2014
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Alberta, Canada Early Morning Meteor Between Approx. 0700 Local 14SEP2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
14SEP2014 joe dugas edmonton, AB 700 5 ne-n white blue moon yes bright...trails fragmentation

14SEP2014 randymaccaull fort mc muarry, ab // ten mins south of on highway 63 600am to 650 am 1min 10 secods it came from the north sky falling south but land close bye hread it hit green red and white iithit the ground hard it was as brigt as the sun it was the size of a small car and pices the sige of golf balls i seen were it hit the ground need a chopper to get to it

14SEP2014 David Luscombe Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 06:30 hrs MST 7 seconds East to west Bright green Bright as an emergency flare Fragmenting before burn out None

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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