18 October 2013

Utah / Alberta Fireball Meteor 16OCT2013

Utah Fireball Meteor with Possibly Same Seen in Calgary, AB. 16OCT2013
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Utah / Alberta Fireball Meteor 16OCT2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

16OCT2013 misty calgary, ab, can 22:49:00 4 seconds s.se, left to right green body and white tail sun there was a tail amazing

16OCT2013 John Pickett Salt Lake City, Utah 22:50/MST, PM 3 N-NW Facing NW Lime-green middle with white on the outside Same as the sun no, not that I could see bright lime-green, big in size, with white on the outside. Disappeared after 3 seconds

16OCT2013 Ellie Anderson Bear River City Utah 22:40:00 2 West Green sun bright no Bright green ball with long tail

16OCT2013 Dima Logan utah United States 10.45 2 West right to left facing north Bright green and blue in middle Venus No Looks like it burned out

16OCT2013 Je Salt Lake City 22:16:00 a second or less traveling North. object was Right to Left colors= blue/purple, wide tail colorful like a firework, slightly arcing down couldn't see heading West/NorthWest

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