24 October 2013

MI WI IL Morning Meteor 23OCT2013

MI WI IL Morning Meteor approx 07:24am EDT / 06:24 CDT 23OCT2013
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MI WI IL Morning Meteor approx 07:24 am EDT / 06:24 CDT 23OCT2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23OCT2013 Brad Schultz Morley, MI, USA 7:24am eastern time zone maybe ten seconds Facing North Bright streaking light Bright, not sure had a tail bright, had a tail, looked like a comet

23OCT2013 Lynda Northville,Michigan,USA Eastern, 7:14 AM 3 seconds SW-NW White trail of light Moon brightness Tail was slightly orangish white Saw same thing 22Oct2013 at same time of AM going N-S

23OCT2013 David Smaglick Neosho, WI 06:45ish hrs less than a second facing east and it looked like it shot strait down off to my 11 o'clock bright white and blue flash almost blinding if you were to look directly at it had a trail of glowing particles was driving to work heading east on hwy 60 and off to my left I saw a bright flash in the sky and it looked as if it was falling strait down. short burst and tail and it dissapeared quickly.

23OCT2013 Mike Gellendin Jefferson, WI. 53549 USA 6:20:00 2 seconds I was driving North on HWY 26 coming up on Johnson Creek when I saw it Northeast. Bright White/No Sound Bright White Not that I could see The speed at which if fell was incredible. I've never seen anything move that fast and it came straight down versus more of a horizontal descent

23OCT2013 Mark Chicago, Il, USA 0615/CST,AM 2-3 Sec S-N Yes there was colors. Looked dusty Bright Yes it seemed so. It was very exciting to see!

23OCT2013 Jim S Brooklyn,WI,USA 613am 5-8 SEC I was facing E. It came down from 12. Straight down to 6. Bright white. I was driving and did not hear anything nOT BLINDING BUT VERY BRIGHT. MUCH MORE THAN MOON AND LESS THAN SUN. YES NO PHOTO. sKY WAS VERY CLEAR. iT DID NOT SEEM TO HIT EARTH.

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