27 October 2013

NM TX AZ Meteor 19OCT2013

Bright Fireball Meteor New Mexico 19OCT2013
Bright Fireball Meteor New Mexico 19OCT2013
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Published on Oct 23, 2013
Just so you know -- there was a very bright event over Southwest on Saturday, October 19 at 8:16 PM local time.  The fireball was picked up New Mexico State University meteor camera. It looks to be a grazing fireball.
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NM TX AZ Meteor 19OCT2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
19OCT2013 AJ Mesa, AZ USA 1920 / MST 10+ seconds We were traveling east on US60 Bright white shooting star. Very long tail. Venus Don't know We actually thought it was going to impact near the Superstition Mountains. A friend called and confirmed that he had seen it as well.

19OCT2013 Hal Mounce El Paso, TX USA 20:20 MDT 4 seconds S-N white, orange, red. No sound. brighter than the moon about 1/5th broke off and went dark Very bright fireball with tail. Low in the sky.

19OCT2013 Jim Puckett Albququerque, NM 20:15 MDT 3 seconds W to East ( right to left) VERY bright white line Moon no Heading due South, on Interstate 25, just north of ABQ, observed a very bright meteorite trail enter our view from the right, West, about 4" above the horizon, and cross the very bright ABQ night sky, with a horizontal flight path, and dissapear, likey over the horizon of the East Side Mountains of ABQ. The light streak was very bright. The leading spot of light was very very bright, and bigger than the line of the path.

19OCT2013 Charles Romaine El Paso, TX 79924 2015 MDT 10 sec WNW to ESE Facing N seemed low yellow, green, some red less than venus then flamed out 1 small peice about the 8 o'clock position The object was less than the size of a dime at arms length and seemed very close. No sonice boom and seemed to be slow. We lost sight when if flamed out. The fire trail was fairly short. Perhaps the airport has an unknown radar contact at that time in NE El Paso?

19OCT2013 Don Michael Payne Albuquerque, New Mexico 8:15pm MST 6-7 seconds SW to SE in Southern Sky Green 3-4 Times Venus at Venus Brightess no Took a long time to traverse most of the sky to the South. Big Trail. Large fireball.

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