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05 June 2011

Kirksville, MO Bright Meteor Sighting 3JUN2011

Kirksville, MO ~11 p.m. CDT June 3, 2011
I can get everything but the exact time. I was so excited I never looked! LOL But roughly, this would have been around 11 p.m.
Location: North of Kirksville, MO, near Sublette, MO (between Kirksville and Greentop)
I was looking into the southern sky almost due south towards Kirksville.
It started a little higher than mid high in the horizon, and moved from SSE to SSW, ending a little lower than mid high in the horizon.
It was incredibly bright; brighter than planets, close to the brightness of the moon, lasting about 5 seconds.
What I remember about the color is it was more yellowish than starlight, planet light, or moonlight--almost a light golden color. It had a very fat tail and ended with a big round burst of light, looking almost like how one would draw a comet, but with a longer "tail." I didn't hear any sounds (but right now we have so many cicadas out, I would not have heard it if there were any!)
--Maria L. Evans

Lebanon, MO Bright Flash Meteor ~11:00 pm
Around 11pm, Fri June 3rd, Lebanon, MO in the eastern sky.There was a bright flash then a long tail that streaked accross the sky. The tail lasted for a good 30 seconds before it faded away. -Andrea Sarto Rhoades

Rural Maries County, Missouri
6/3/11 Rural Maries County Missouri sky lit up w a bright orange glow, followed by a very long bright tail. Streaked across the sky for about 30 seconds! Spectacular sight -Anon

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