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12 May 2011

نيزك Umm Al-Hadid Meteorite Crater Saudi Arabia Camel Caravan Trek

نيزك Umm Al-Hadid Meteorite Crater Saudi Arabia Camel Caravan Trek -

A Trip Back In Time: Rub Al-Khali Camel Expedition 2011  By BRADLEY WILKINSON, LIFE.STYLE@ARABNEWS.COM
..."After enjoying the waters, the team drove deeper into the desert to rendezvous with the camels and the support team. At times, it seemed as if the vehicle floated above the surface as the desert sands cushioned the ride. At that point, the final destination, the Umm Al-Hadid meteorite crater, lay about 240 km away. It was expected that the travelers would average about 35 km per day and cover the distance in one week. In the end, the caravan averaged 40 km per day and made the trip in six days."...
Camel Riding Group:
Bradley Wilkinson, Saudi Aramco Public Relations Department
Todd Nims, The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture
James Duggan, son of Joe Duggan, Saudi Aramco Affairs Research and Advisory Group
Nabiel Al-Shaikh, Dammam Regional Museum
Fahad Al-Daajani, a freelance photographer from Khafji

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